Monday, April 14, 2008

Amazingly NOT tired today!

Whew---Once again I made a bad choice last night. Sure, I packed up the quilting area by 10:00, BUT...then, of course, I had to update the blog, check emails, look at Bonnie's site to be sure I agreed on the "Fun with Bricks" pattern, look at the next clue for CC.......

you get my drift......

by the time I finally hit they hay, it was midnight ONCE again! I thought I'd be the typical "evil-teacher-from-the-night-of-the-living-dead" today. However, a good cup of nicely sugared and Vanilla-creamed coffee this morning MUSt have done the trick, because I was raring to go all day, and, *looking at clock,* STILL am going at 10:25 pm!!! BUT, I'm going to wrap this up tonight--no new pics.

However, I DID complete CC #3 tonight---all 80 9-blocks are set. I will start tackling #4 tomorrow night.
I also started ironing a FEW more pieces from the stack, cut some 2" strips, and stuffed them into a bag from my Dad's quilt.

Goodnight-----HAVE to get sleep tonight.

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Amanda said...

Such a huge amount of energy! Where do you get it from? Especially after a day's teaching. I used to come home and collapse in a soggy heap after a day with my little dears.