Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Blister! A blister!

*heavy sigh*
I'm a bit beat right now---I have been ironing non-stop for the past three hours-----THREEEEEEE HOURS! I've been washing up some of grandma's stash. It IS fun to see everything I've gotten from her, but I think I should have paced myself better. As soon as I finish up a basket of ironing, the next load has been more than ready for the iron. Between three-four hours yesterday and the three today, I've ACTUALLY worked up a small blister on my right hand!!!!

In fact, there are a few large pieces (2+ yards) that I simply haphazardly folded up out of the basket because I just didn't have the heart to iron them anymore. I'll get around to them sometime, but for now, they'll suffice in a stack in the corner.

So, I'm taking a small break--the girls are playing upstairs, lunch is cooking (Pizza, what else?), and I'm sitting back, catching my breath and reading emails. After lunch, I MIGHT go back to ironing; otherwise maybe I'll tackle the step #3 in CC.

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