Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not much sewing tonight

The late nights are catching up with me. I wasn't too bad in school today--I think I was my typical self. BUT, I started slowing down after dinner tonight.

At about 6:30 pm, I printed off CC#4 and started sewing the 1.5" strips for the "two-piece" pieces; cut all the 2 7/8" squares and only a few of the 1.5" squares. I started getting the girls ready for bed at 7:45, and by 8:10 all were nestled, teeth brushed, stories read----and I was DONE! Energy zapped! So, I went downstairs to turn everything off and hung up my rotary cutter for the evening.

I'm kickng back right now, feet up on the ottoman, rocking in the glider, watching some show on the Food Network Channel, and surfin.

A lot of great responses to the "Fabric Labels" post. One lady suggested ironing my fabric onto a freezer paper sheet and put through the printer! What genious!!!!!

On the topic of freezer paper, here's another link shared by a post:
It's a UNIQUE way (at least to me) to utilize freezer paper WISELY and saves time! I'll have to try it with some of the quilt patterns for Grandma's 50 States quilt! Some of those blocks are near to impossible to piece!!!

Short and sweet tonight...
Perhaps I'll be up for more sewing tomorrow night!

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Amanda said...

Don't you go overdoing it too much. Too many teachers end up making themselves ill with trying to do everything. Great link, I shall certainly give that a go sometime.