Friday, April 18, 2008

It's the WEEKEND!!! Bloglines?

I haven't sewed since Wednesday, nor will I bother tonight.
I'm beat, tired, wiped out, AND I need to catch up with reading some blogs and emails anyway.

First of all, I've been diligent tonight and graded three HW assignments, two quizzes, one test, and a class full of websites. Whew! That only took me three hours!!! BUT, I KNEW I needed to get them out of the way so that I can spend the rest of the weekend sewing without any "stresses" in the back of my mind. With that said, I STILL need to write a quiz and a test for Monday's Math 8 and Algebra 8 students, but that shouldn't take too long and I can take care of that tomorrow (or Sunday.)

Secondly, I was just visiting Amanda site and agreed with her! I don't know how people find the time to keep up with all these blogs!!! There are a few that I check regularly just because we've made some connections :0) In Amanda's comment section today there were two people who mentioned about "Bloglines."

BLOGLINES??? If ANYONE can help me out with what this is and how it works, I would be so grateful!!! I'm not tech-iliterate at all, but I just haven't heard about this.

I haven't run in weeks!!! Since I am ALONE all weekend, I am going to set another goal to hit the road sometime tomorrow to cover a few miles. I've lost my motivation; and sadly, the motivation usually doesn't return until Summer begins. I'm just so tired all the time. And if I'm not, I so "Quilt-obsessed" lately that running has taken the back-seat.

My To-Do list for the weekend is:
Continue sewing the CC clues. I'd like to gift this to my mother for Mother's Day (May 17?), so I need to keep clipping away at it. If I don't make any more progress on OC #2 this weekend, it won't bother me a lot. Since Bonnie is spacing the clues out around 2 weeks, I should have ample time to finish them before #3 comes.


scraphappy said...

I have started using bloglines recently and I find it to be quite useful. I would follow a ring, but spend a lot of time going around in a circle, seeing that some had updated, and some had not. Now, when I find a blog I would like to follow, I just add it to my bloglines list. Then when I check in, it will list any of the blogs on my list that have been updated. Some people complain that they feel too much pressure to keep up, but I find that it actually saves time because you aren't checking in on blogs that have not been updated.

Amanda said...

Hello Amy, I think I must be a bit dense, because I still haven't managed to work out how Bloglines work. I may have to give in and ask my son to help. I've had some other suggestions too - Google Reader and NetNewsWire, so I might have a look at those - or alternatively just carry on ploughing through the lot