Friday, April 11, 2008

Quilt Projects Update

Okay folkies, now that I've submitted THIS addy for the Webring, I better get it updated!!!
Please remember (if you have time to kill), you can always get the "day-to-day" quilting life of ME by following the link to my website. Lately, I have been doing a good job of keeping it up-to-date daily (at least since April 1.)

Okay, as for the Orange Crush (OC)---yes, I'm doing it. I was actually the second person to post a picture on the OC #1 Photos spot on the Quiltville Chat site. I'm NOT boasting that I have no life and all the time in the world. It just so happened that I had a snow day on April 1st, so I was able to quilt ALLLLL Day!
My colors are very similar to that of Bonnie's.

Since it was a snow day, I utilized the "entry-level-math-skills" of my 7 year old, Cassie. I had her cut my continuous 2-pieces into piles of 10 to see when I was getting close to the 300-mark. She also helped me iron all the 4-patches once completed.
So, like many of you, I patiently await Clue #2 now that Clue #1 is complete.

In the meantime, since I joined this Chat group much later than most, I have decided to take on the Carolina Crossroads (CC) quilt. I really didn't decide to take this on until two days ago. So, Wednesday night, I set off downstairs to my quilt-hide-away at 8:30 pm and started sorting through the stash. To my amazement, I was able to pull out quite a few scraps in the greens, browns, and pinks. These colors aren't my typical, but they seem so "grandma-ey" (since I plan to make it for a guest bed at my mother's house) and, at the same time, remind me of some bubblegum quilts I've seen. I went.

I started strippin' away with my pinks (accent color) and greens to make the 100 rails needed in clue #1. By 10:15, I needed to head upstairs to get some updates on my website before getting to bed by 11:00.

So---Thursday evening, I head downstairs around 8:30 to try to finish the rails. SUCCESS! At 11:00, I was finally able to clip the last rails together. AND, to my surprise.....not only did I have a "few" extra,--I have EIGHTY---that's 8-0 EXTRA! So, I have a few ideas in mind: make two quilts OR use the extras in a different scrap quilt OR use the extras in a border upon completion.

The joy of living in Wisconsin in April------SNOW DAY TODAY! AGAIN!!!
What did that mean?
Another day to dedicate to quilting! So, Clue #2, here I come.

I didn't think making 100 9-blocks was going to take that long. HA! How wrong I was!!! I headed downstairs around 8:30 this morning.....and with only a FEW breaks today, I wasn't able to press that last 9-block until 5:10 pm!!!
Whew......I'm wiped out of 9-blocks!

HAHAHAHA!!! With that said. Once I finally sat down tonight to update the website with the latest pictures, I looked ahead at Clue #3 to see what I would be working on tomorrow!!!
Don't get me wrong---I love 9-blocks. They really are easy to piece. But today kinda wiped me out.

So.....maybe I'll apease Cassie and finish up a quilt that has been only half-quilted since October. (I told her it could be hers when I started making it.) I think that'll be a great way to utilize tomorrow. I shouldn't need more than tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to show a FINISHED picture on here tomorrow!

Whew.......I caught up with the two mysteries I'm taking on from Bonnie's site. Like the rest of you, I have more UFO's sitting around----or actually, I'm going to call them WIP's. (Works in progress.) Because really....I try to touch base with all of them at least once a week.
But, those will wait for another day.

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Andee said...

LOL! We must have joined both the blogging world and the chat group around the same time. I joined during Carolina Crossroads so that is why Orange Crush was the first mystery I did with the group! I guess no one told you Bonnie clues weren't meant to be sewn up in a day! WHOOT!