Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Complete opposite of yesterday :0)

For how "icky" yesterday was, today was smooth sailing.....
*knock on wood*

I knew I needed to be Motivated, On-track, and use my time wisely during my Prep time for school. EVERYTHING on my checklist was completed, and then some.... (I had an unexpected 10 minutes "meeting" with the District Office, and I had two students from my Algebra class begging for some assistance with a System of Equations problem.)

Then----as soon as I arrived home (~4:15 pm), I first tackled folding two loads of clothes (one that was pulled out of my dryer on the way out the door this morning, and the one that dried while I was off to work). Plus, I've washed, dried, and folded two additional loads since then. The last load is in the dryer as I type :0)

Next, while dinner was cooking in the oven (sorry folks, nothing fancy tonight! Just a classic "all-American" frozen pepperoni pizza), I packed up all the girls' clothes and set the bags aside. At the same time (sorta), I packed up a couple of boxes of "no-longer-fitting" 2T's and 24 mnths clothes to be "handed down" to my husband's cousin. They have the cutest little girl!!! So, I have THREE boxes put together to give to them this weekend while I'm down "home." (Both DH and myself grew up in the same city, so most of our family members are still in the "home" area.)

And again, kinda at the same time, the entry way (where I was stashing all the boxes to be packed into the car tomorrow), was a disaster----dirty, dirty, dirty! So, I swept out a corner, started piling up the girls' bags and boxes of clothes, continued sweeping, shaking out the rugs (OMG!!!! Talking about DIRT!!!), cleared out the Winter boots and carried them downstairs, and "Swiffered" the floor. So.....YEAH! I'm packed, stacked neatly, reading to be packed in the car....AND, the Entry way is clean!!!

And what's even better......it's ONLY 6:30!!! I still have a whole night ahead to quilt!!!!!

So---I have intentions of tuning in later with a "quilting" update!

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Andee said...

Glad you found my blog because now I found yours! Your CC turned out great even with all the various "challenges" that came up as you sewed. I didn't make that one yet, but am loving the OC. I need to get going on clue three!