Monday, April 28, 2008

CC All done, but no label

The quilt is done, already packed away and wrapped to be gifted to my mother a weekend early for Mother's Day. The gas prices have finally hit home and have pushed us to alter our travelling plans. Since I am heading "home" this weekend, we have decided NOT to travel "home" again for Mother's Day.

Pictured here is the back, pieced by two different shades of pink flannels. I putzed around with the Fabric Printer Sheets since I haven't been able to hunt down any Bubble Jet Set. I'm frustrated! NOT because I can't find BJS, but I'm frustrated because the printer sheets just aren't working for me.....*sigh*.....I printed.....I waited 4 hours to "dry".....I ironed......I rinsed......*sigh*......and most of the ink washed away......
With the day I've had....I'm just throwing my hands up in the air and then forming a big "W" on my forehead for..."WHATEVER!" As you can see, the quilting was a simple geometric grid, with a little hand-quilted heart.

Not to "vent," but I just can't shake the ickyness of this day----and it's ONLY Monday! I'm a bit stressed this week due to my schedule. I had a 3 hour meeting today (12:15-3:30) for Curriculum Council, which I Co-Chair. Rather frustrating meeting today with many loose-ends hanging when the time chimed 3:30. *sigh* Because of the time of the meeting, I was not able to have my "prep" time to grade papers, write a quiz for tomorrow, etc. No biggy, IF the rest of the week wasn't so chaotic either! Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the only normal day for me this week. AND, it's the only day where I will actually have a "prep". Wednesday, we have a Teacher Inservice/Early Release day for students, so once again, no "prep." (My Prep time is 1:30 - 2:30). This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to get things ready for a substitute on Thursday AND Friday. (My state Math convention is this week.) "to-do" list tomorrow during my only prep this week:

  • plan Thursday's schedules for Web Design, Math 8 and Algebra 8
  • plan Friday's schedules for Web Design, Math 8 and Algebra 8
  • Write HW Quiz for Algebra 8 (and maybe Math 8???)
  • Create a Graph Handout for Math 8
  • Plan for Monday's schedule (so that I'm not "winging" it when I come back next week!!!)
  • Write last minute PO's to purchase calculators: deadline this Friday----oh yeah...which, by the way, we JUST were told today via email from our Superintendent
  • prepare documents for IEP meeting after school

Other "to-do's" tomorrow

  • Pack clothes for all three girls---to include outfits for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday??? (We might come home Saturday
  • Print directions to Math Convention site
  • all the other "mother" things we do everyday.....ya know..

    • laundry (specially since I won't be home until later this weekend)
    • dishes (god BLESS the inventor of the Dishwasher!)
    • pick up the house (because I HATE coming home to a dirty house after being gone)

Okay, I guess after listing out everything, things aren't completely as bad as they seem.'s just been a rough day!


Amanda said...

How I remember days - and weeks - like that. Everything just gets on top of you and NO-ONE SEEMS TO UNDERSTAND!!! Have you thought of just leaving instructions for the kids to write their own quizzes and swap with each other? That would save you a couple of jobs. Making lists helps though - I always knew I was getting stressed when I did that. Just take time while you are away to unwind - I'm sure you won't forget your running kit, that'll help.

Carol said...

The quilt turned out great! Isn't it a great feeling when it is all done and ready to sleep under? Great job!!!

Candace said...

What a gorgeous quilt. I'm sorry if your pleasure in it was dampened by your bad day, I'm sure that when your mother sees it, it will all be good. I'm retired now, but how well I remember trying to fit everything in and being jealous of the "super women", I never got to be one. Looks like you are getting pretty close though, you seem to pack a lot into your 24 hours.

Katie said...

Frustrations aside...your CC quilt is absolutely lovely.

fergus said...

beautiful work!!!!