Monday, April 21, 2008

A little more progress....

No pictures tonight, and I was only to put another hour into the CC. I pieced a few more rows together---I think I only have three more.

But, seriously, I must have stood for TEN MINUTES and stared at the layout-----eyes skimming over the rows----picking out some "exciting" areas----contemplating what color(s) to use as a border----what a perfect backing would be.....

THAT was a fun 10 minutes!!!!

Oh, Oh, OH!!!! And then I brainstormed about what I should use for quilting------to really ATTEMPT the infamous Baptist Fan on it, or to stay with a simple meander????----perhaps more of a swirl??......'s getting late, but I want to stop by a few blogs before logging off.

I hope to have the entire top pieced tomorrow evening :0)

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