Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost Noon Update

The To-Do List:

  • Finish laundry (UGH!) Almost done! 2 loads left
  • Return movies : DONE
  • Buy diapers and socks : DONE
  • Write Algebra Team Test
    This will wait until "laptop time" later tonight. that the ICKY list items are done, it's time to get to the funner ones!!!!

  • Put borders on Jan's quilt and quilt them.
    After my 11:45 coffee "snack," I'm heading downstairs to work on this....
  • Add binding and finish : Ditto

1 comment:

scraphappy said...

OK, I have to brag. I've been making the kids pick out 7 outfits each week and put the rest in quarantine. I did every stitch of laundry this morning, and it was only 4 loads! Seriously. I kept looking around for more, and there wasn't any. Also, SO happy to be out of the diaper phase. Such a relief to the pocket book when you can start skipping that aisle in the grocery store. Jan's quilt is looking FABULOUS. You may have convinced me to give the quilting in sections idea a try. I've done one quilt that way, but since then fought with whole quilts. A little workout with a quilting session isn't such a bad thing, is it?