Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy morning already....

Morning everyone! I absolutely could not sleep anymore at 5:45, so I figured I'd get up and start tackling the pile(S) of laundry! I don't know WHY I do what I do, but, usually (here-n-there) throughout the week, I throw loads of laundry in the washing and dryer, BUT rather than folding it right away, I keep mounding load after load in the two baskets I keep in the laundry room, using my excellent balancing skills to keep the load from toppling over. Well anyway, I probably had about 4 loads amidst the baskets, so I folded, and folded, and folded. At the same time, I started another load of whites and colors during the hour folding session. So, it's now 7:30, and I'm sitting down with my earned cup of coffee, checking in on my worldly friends while yet another load is in the washer/dryer.

Holy buckets----I must have been in overdrive after I posted yesterday at 3:00. I DID make it downstairs, but rather than sew on Derek's Storm at Sea, I pulled out Masha's Wonky Nines. This top was completed at the end of August, the night before I headed back to school. I figured I might as well baste it up and see how far I could get with the quilting. Well, IT'S FINISHED! At about 8:00, I finished sewing (by machine) the binding on with the "fold-backing-to-the-front" cheat method. I will take a pic today and post that tonight.

Well, then Cass and I came upstairs to play a game before heading off to bed. FORTUNATELY, we both had the munchies, so Cass mixed up some Lemon-poppy seed muffins while I decided I might as well tackle the stack of dishes that had been piling all week. Yup---another bad habit DH and I have. We keep the dishwasher constantly working, loading and unloading it almost daily, but for those dished that can't go in it, they stack, and stack, and STACK to the point where we no longer have counter space! So, by the time Cass had the muffins mixed, poured, and into the oven, I was almost done washing the dishes, so I tossed a towel at Cass----amazingly she was THRILLED to help out! 15 minutes later, all dished were washed, dried, and put away! Yes!!! (This pic shows the FINISHED state---I didn't think of taking a "before")

AND, the muffins were also done, so we decided to finally sit, enjoy the warm muffins, and played a card game, "Hit the Deck."

9:45 rolled around, and Cass FINALLY won her first hand after mom demolished her with about 20. There isn't much of a strategy with the game, so it was all in the "luck of the cards." But then, we looked outside and noticed that the first snow flakes of the season were flitting down. THEREFORE, she will be opening one of her birthday presents a few weeks early. Tonight, when DH and girls come home, I'll have her open a gift that my sister already bought and gave to me because we KNEW she'd be opening it early----a new winter coat. She's been wearing her old one for the past couple of weeks, and I didn't realize the zipper didn't work!!!!

Alright---the next task? I will spend about an hour getting plans ready for the school week, and ........ WOW! Then I'll have the whole day to quilt again!!! Yes!!!! Okay......getting motivated on the school work!

Happy Sunday!


Julie said...

I am waiting for a load to come out of the dryer right now!

scraphappy said...

When they said, "We do more before 9 a.m. than most people do in an entire day" they should have been talking about moms. Good grief girl, you came out of your funk and straight into high gear!