Monday, November 10, 2008

Insane Puzzle Play

After such a successful weekend, I wanted to keep going with the next project nearing completion. HOWEVER, when I went downstairs, for SOME reason, I found myself digging into one of my tubs to "remind myself what was in it," and I ended up pulling out all my denim-style camoflauge "scraps." These pieces are left over from many, many years ago when I created a bedspread for our (then-time) Queen bed for the colder winter months.

We still use ours, although we have graduated to a King bed. This is a very heavy quilt---the majority of the fabric is a nice, soft-brushed denim (even the backing!) Since it's creation (back in 2000?), it has spent the winter months on our bed, atop whatever other sheets/bedspreads we have on top, and during the summer months, it finds a home on the shelf in the closet.

Well.......what better than to start a NEW PROJECT?!?!??!? *voice-over of an insanity scream*

Actually, this DOES have a purpose. I HAD been working on a project for DH's boss, Scot. However, DH (nor myself) was liking how Scot's Leavenworth Nine-patch was coming along, so it has taken a spot on the shelf of "eh--don't think so" blocks. Those blocks WILL find completion someday---maybe as a simple lap quilt for one of DH's brothers, or as a snuggler for the farm. However, for now, since DH LOVES our quilt so much, I figured "why break something that isn't broken?" I'm recreating as much of our quilt as possible as a C'mas quilt for Scot and wife. *crossing fingers* I'm hoping this baby will go together rather quickly----not going to do anything fancy. OOO!! Except, as I've been cutting squares, I'm finding 2.5" strips being left over, so I've contemplated creating a pieced-flying-geese-border somewhere in the quilt. Most likley, bordering the main center medallion section. And there is NOT going to be any fancy quilting on this baby! Uh-uh! It will be HEAVY and THICK, so I'm thinking of even tying it, just like ours is done. IF I quilt it, it'll be VERY simple stitching-in-the-ditch.

Okay.....Just about 10:30----time to head to bed.

Happy Monday.

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scraphappy said...

Aha! Just when I think I've gone off the deep end of too many things to do, you trump me. You have truly gone insane on this one. It is November 11th after all -- far past time to start creating Christmas presents.