Friday, November 7, 2008

A fun girls' night out

As hoped, DH headed up to the farm tonight, so Cass and I headed into the PTA Carnival from 5:00 - 8:00. This is the first time we've been able to go to it in all my years teaching.

Naturally, MANY of Cass's school friends were at the Carnival, running around like the crazy young 2nd graders they are! And then there's Lucas!!! He's such a HOOT! I seriously love him to death-------****(is it too early to be a 'match-maker'?)****

Cass enjoyed jumping in the big Jumping Castle.

...and smashing eggs on her head, HOPING (??) to have a raw egg break on her head for the HUGE DOUBLE prize, instead of a hard-boiled egg for the "simple little" prize.

And always a hit-----MINNOW RACES!!!!! *shaking head, giggling* T'was quite fun watching those little buggers scurry down the down-spouts.

Oh, there were many other fun moments, and it was just so nice to relax (YES, RELAX) spending time with Cass. After the carnival, we headed to the movie-rental place and picked out two movies for the weekend. At the moment, we are kicking back with The Corpse Bride. This movie is quite a few years old, but I haven't seen it yet, and it ACTUALLY IS quite entertaining. I didn't think it would be.

Enchanted is the other movie we rented, and will save that for tomorrow night (or during the day, I suppose).

Well---it's Friday, and FINALLY I'm feeling "normal" again----not much stress at all. Whew! I know there are piles of laundry calling my name, and stacks of papers that need grading before Monday, and ions of other little tasks, but....PSHT! All in good time. I hope to put at least 4-6 hours of sewing in tomorrow before heading to the Football game (which I haven't completely decided on IF we're going yet.) It's going to be COOOOOOOOOOOOLD tomorrow!!!!!

Happy Friday!


Amanda said...

It's good to hear you sounding less frazzled. What fun the carnival must have been - I've never seen the egg game or minnow racing over here, if only I was still helping plan the school fair they'd have been perfect. Have a great weekend.

scraphappy said...

Minnow races and egg breaking!? I've never heard of those, but they look way too cute. We don't have anything nearly that adorable at our fall festival. It sounds like you are having a much deserved bit of relaxing. Don't worry about the laundry and the papers. They will both wait. Sunday at 7 is usually enough time to get papers done, and unless everyone is out of underwear, the laundry will wait as well.