Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Quilting Fairy visited....

That's all I can say! She MUST have visited during the night and sprinkled me with Quilting Dust because NOTHING else can explain the sewing/quilting frenzy I've had this weekend!

I didn't even get downstairs until 11:00 this morning, because once Cassie woke up and I folded a few more loads of clothes, we decided to run into town to grab some donuts and return the movies before the "day really began." *hmpf!* :0)

Anyway, the first project I tackled was to baste and start quilting Isaac's Blue Heaven. The Packer game (Green Bay Packers) started at noon, so I turned the radio on and quilted the game away. By the time our punter missed the game winning fieldgoal, I was putting the finishing touches on it and did the "cheat binding" method again. The quilting was a simple meander in all the white areas.

Then, after a late lunch (DH drove into the yard as the game was ending), I headed back downstairs, and BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I decided to work on Derek's Storm at Sea. One sewing minute lead to another......and the rows were together within 30 minutes! Gosh, that thing has been a monkey on my back! Then.......holy buckets, after a little contemplating, a small red border was added to the sides. Then..........hmmmmmmmmmm......then I sat at looked, and looked, and debated. I still had almost a yard of the blue Nautical fabric yet, and I knew it would just sit to collect dust if I didn't use most of it up. So......the original "lap quilt" ended up being rather large. I needed to do a little visual measuring to match up the lines of the nautical objects since the border needed to be pieced. All-in-all, I have about 4 inches of the fabric left----and what's more!!!! THE TOP IS DONE! WOW!!!!! It is pictured on a King size bed, so.........its a wee bit larger than I originally intended! *grin*

I decided to shoot a pic of the OTR at the same time since I hadn't yet. This is almost done---still working on hand-sewing the binding down. This is going to be gifted to my brother for Christmas.

Masha's Wonky Nines was finished up yesterday. This quilting was quite fun to do, although it was difficult (as always) to "fight" the bulk in the sewing machine. There are puckers on the back, but overall, I like the flowery meander.

So, a dent was finally made in the C'mas project list.

  • Isaac-DONE.
  • Masha-DONE.
  • Ron(brother)-BINDING.
  • Derek-TOP DONE.
  • Jan (BLOCKS MADE) that's right---I still need to get those out and snap a pic.
  • Andre (NEXT to be quilted)
  • Scot? Hmm......I suppose I can still set him as a goal by C'mas.

Finally, taking a moment AWAY from quilting.....I almost forgot to have Cass open up her birthday present from my sister so she could wear her new jacket. I had to call my sis to find out which box it was in since there are four of them sitting in the entry way. Cass's bday isn't until the 28th, but winter weather temperatures have been with us for awhile.

Okay-----I suppose. I wrote my three assessments for tomorrow: Pre-Calc HW Quiz; Math 8 Pre-test; Algebra 8 Pre-test. Everything else can wait....

Happy New Week!



Julie said...

You go girl!! Those quilts are beautiful. I know you are glad to have the Storm at Sea together. It is very striking.

Amanda said...

I feel quite breathless just reading this! You've done marvelously well this weekend and must indeed be feeling very chuffed with ourself. Hope you've left yourself enough energy for the week.

scraphappy said...

Woohoo. Look at all you can get done when you're not off running marathons! It's not even that you got so much done in one day that is amazing, but that all the quilts look so fabulous. When I saw your list of gifts to have ready by Christmas I thought you were a little delusional, but I guess I was wrong. Way to go.
Oh, I love the fabric in Masha's Wonky Nines, It seems to resemble a I made.

Helen in the UK said...

WOW - you've must have been storing up quilting energy during that funk!! All those finishes/progresses made. Huge congrats to you :)

Lori said...

Great Job! Your list is shrinking!

Andee said...

I have Tobacco Road on my to do someday list. Hope your brother loved it!