Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thy shall not pity me....

HUGE hugs going out to my faithful followers for their supportive comments on the last two posts. I appreciate the "permission" to kick back, but I must admit, I was playing into the classic "victim" mentality and am mature enough to realize that (unlike some of my students.) Although I realize life is NOT "all that bad," I still am fighting an amount of lack of energy, minor depression, and just NO motivation!! I am procrastinating with too many things, and the world just seems to be closing around me because of that procrastination. The house is in constant chaos, and rather than DO SOMETHING about it, I put it off and put it off, untill.....()#*$)(#*^E(*@&#(*&@^$(* I EXPLODE!

And seriously! I have a new hypothesis for my latest "BLAH" feelings. I have not been eating anything REMOTELY "decent," NOR have I run in almost 2 weeks. I suppose I could do some research based on one participant (me);
Hypothesis: Nutritious diet and regular exercise promotes lack of fatigue and an increase of "warm & yummy" feelings.
(okay, I don't know if warm & yummy are very scientific)
BUT, in order to collect some data, I FIRST have to get MOTIVATED again to get my lazy butt on the Dreadmill (dark & cold outside---ewwww: NOT my best combination for running). I also have to RID the house of all that Halloween candy. GOSH! I've consumed so much junk and sugar......ugh! I sit, having graded at least SOME of my papers tonight, but.......*sigh*....the dishes sit for yet another evening, the laundry still awaits in the entry-way, growing more massive day by day. Can't it be summer again???? Gosh----winter clothing doesn't take long to pile up rather large!

DH will be heading up to the Farm this weekend with Caitlyn and Candace. I will be staying home with Cassie, heading to the school's PTA Carnival tomorrow night. I would do ANYTHING if Cass could be motivated enough to pick up the loft area on Saturday---I wonder what I could bribe her with. Saturday evening, we're thinking of heading to the Football game---(our boys are 2 games away from heading to the State Championship game.) And, of course, there's other house work to be done, trying to tackle that mountain (LITERALLY) of laundry, and sewing projects too. PLUS prepare for Monday's new quarter at school; new students; new classes.....*sigh*

Okay, okay.......*self-talk*......try not to get overwhelmed! Just one thing at thing at a time.....

Thy shall not pity me.... We all (sadly) reach this moment at one time in our lives....

"this too shall pass."
(just not soon enough)


Lori said...

This "funk" usually affects me in February.I have also consumed way too much sugar.
Maybe that treadmill will help?
Endorphins... ect
Best Wishes!

scraphappy said...

Sometimes one foot in front of the other is the best we can do for today, but crossing one thing off the list is a start -- even if is something that never really leaves the list (like laundry). If nothing else, at least you made it to Friday. How many more Friday's till Thanksgiving?

Julie said...

I have been reading about you and Angela and the never ending week. At school today some teachers were saying the same thing and I told them, "believe it or not, teachers all over the country are feeling the same way right now!" We started our whining on Monday and kept it up until this afternoon. And now I have come down with a nasty cold.