Monday, November 3, 2008

*sigh* wishing for an end... the constant feeling of endless laundry, housecleaning, school work, bills, cooking, "disciplining" ....... *sigh*....and so on and so forth...

RIGHT when I think I get caught up, I turn around, and THERE SOMETHING ELSE IS! Seriously! *sigh*...... when do we ever get "ahead?"

I'm at least trying to kick back right now, watching the Saturday Night Live (SNL) Presidential Bash of '08 (and toggling between Monday night football, too). I'm also out surfing .....for nothing really ....just surfing and catching up on blogs.

Alright---I seriously think I'm off to bed........

Happy Monday


Amanda said...

Oh poor you, it sounds as if you've hit 'that' part of the autumn term. You start back full of enthusiasm and then reality and the weather kicks in and energy runs out. I remember that so well, and when your children are young they are SO demanding. And if your husband is anything like mine, he seems to grow up alongside the children! He's great now, but I used to have to hunt for his socks etc too. Hang in there, do you have a half-term break?

scraphappy said...

You and I seem to be in similar mental states at the moment. We are almost to Thanksgiving, and then its a slide into Christmas and that's almost the halfway mark.
It would be nice though, to cross something off the list and know that it would stay off the list, at least for a little while. Hang in there -- it can't go on forever. Well, maybe it can, never mind about that last part.

Julie said...

Yes, why is it that the minute you have all the laundry done and the last of it put away, someone comes in with three basketloads that were hiding behind their bed? Or when you have the kitchen all cleaned up and you go to brush your teeth, you walk back in and someone has fixed a late night snack and left the mess behind? Why oh why? And why am I so behind on putting grades in the computer right now? Ahhhh!!! Then we get three days off for Thanksgiving but I spend the entire time working to please the 20 to 30 people who come over every year? Oh well, like my studnets say, "whatever."

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