Friday, November 14, 2008

Plain ol' lazy!

Yup! That's me!
You'd THINK with all I need to accomplish by C'mas, I would use every waking, free moment at home to work in my sewing room. But....*sigh*....I'm just plain ol' tired, bushed, and flat out LAZY some nights.

Yes folks....I AM human after all *chuckle*

So, here I sit----actually the WHOLE FAMILY is sitting in the living room watching The Wizard of Oz.
***If I only had a brain.....***

Alright, I have Caitlyn wanting up on my lap, looking at me with those pleading eyes, and I am FINALLY realizing these moments will be gone soon, so........
....I'll tune in on Sunday since I'm heading to my parent's house tomorrow. I'm killing two birds with one stone; we are visiting G'ma and G'pa, AND I'll be a HECK of a lot closer to the BIG GAME that our Football team has tomorrow evening at 6:00. We are in the State Semi-Finals---BIG game tomorrow night! If they win, the State Championship game will be on Thursday. A "fan" bus is heading down for the game tomorrow; it's near a 3 1/2 hour drive. The game starts at 6:00; might be over around 8:30-ish??? So....the fan bus won't return back to town until near MIDNIGHT!!!! NO THANK YOU! Instead, my parents only live an hour from the game location----just PERFECT for me :0) Cass will probably go with me to the game----I have LOTS of blankets/quilts packed already. It's going to be FRIGIDDDDDDD! 30 degrees as high for the day, so I'm expecting closer to 20's for game-time, and snow/rain mix. ICK!!!

Happy Friday and Happy Sewing!


Julie said...

Hmmm, that other comment before mine is interesting!
I miss those days of little ones climbing up into my lap.

scraphappy said...

Nobody can be superwoman forever, eventually we all just need a nap. Try not to freeze out there. It can't be healthy to sit in the bitter weather for that long.