Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More UFO/WIP progress...& NIP/TUCK!

DARE I share my sinful side with my blogging buddies?!?? *naughty giggle!*
For those of you unaware of a show called Nip/Tuck, it is rated as a "Mature audience" only (so I BARELY am of age to watch it :0) ... I can't NOT watch it! Tonight is the premiere for Season 5-part 2 (I think the writer's strike last year affected the complete season). Christian (Julian McMahon-left) is a heart-throb!!!!! Don't you think!??!!? Anyway..... I'm updating during commercial breaks :0)

The first day back to school yesterday after vacation was quite pleasing :0) Specially since I was a "good girl" Sunday night and went to bed by 10:30pm. However, LAST NIGHT was another story! *chuckle* I was feeing VERY good last night, and was able to head downstairs at 7:00 once the girls were to bed. (YES! EARLY for them---they needed it!)

I started by piecing the Oklahoma Backroads blocks together, followed by some borders, solid and pieced.....BUT I'm NOT counting this top done YET! I'm actually thinking of whipping out some more blocks and finish this off with a final "larger" border of blocks!! :0) Yup, yup----a bit bigger quilt for a nice FULL lap quilt! I'm too tired right now to estimate the size, but each block is 8" finished.

Then....I moved to the Scrappy Irish Chain. When I finally wrapped up last night at MIDNIGHT *GASP*, all the 9" scrappy block squares were completed. TONIGHT, I've added the "white connector" blocks to the layout. I'm thinking this one will be finished with a simple border---no piecing, but maybe a double-border.

Oh yes----and here is one of the newly organized, nicely ironed and folded fabric shelves that I "put together" Saturday and Sunday. It is SO nice seeing the fabric on the shelf nice and neat INSTEAD of heaped and hiding in a basket on the floor :0)

And finally-----it is the sixth day of the new year, and....*sheepish grin*....I have YET to get my butt on the treadmill! Then, it didn't help my "guilt" when my Runner's World magazine came today, with an AMAZINGLY fit, athletic beauty! (giggle)..*sigh* Okay, Okay......I guess I need to focus on getting back into training shape now! It'll start tomorrow night when DH and I head to season opening indoor volleyball. I have shared our perfect "pair setup" before, but for my "newcomers".....DH is a 6'6" spiker, while I'm a 5'4" setter. We met playing volleyball back in 1994. It was one of those rediculous "friend of a brother of a friend" deals. He was the friend of MY friend's friend's brother (follow that one??) All of us ended up playing on the same summer sand vball team (me , my friend, her friend, her friend's brother, and her friend's brother's friend---that'd be my DH!) Anyway---we flirted the summer away, were engaged after 9 months, married 3 years later, and the rest.....well....we're still writing the rest :0)

Okay...Nip/Tuck is over with a second showing starting. DH missed the first few minutes, so I guess we're watching it again :0) Nah......not me. I'm off to bed with a quilting magazine :0) No finer reading material exists!

Happy Tuesday

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scraphappy said...

Surely the proper reward for all the finishing off of old projects is a shiny new project? Come on -- you know you want to.
Seriously, the quilts both look great. The newly organized sewing area is coming alone nicely. Before you know it you'll be putting in walls and decorating!