Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My feet found the treadmill! BFL makes a reappearance?

Yup, yup.....got home from working the boy's basketball game tonight, and laced up the shoes! It was Julie's post yesterday that really got me motivated again! Way to go Julie to get yourself AND ME motivated! Julie kinda giggled by saying she wasn't about to share her weight or "BEFORE" picture......

...I was in the same boat back in 2003! I dug up these gems...........

*I CAN'T BUH-LIEVE I'm actually posting them though.....*

2003 BEFORE 136 lbs, 23% body-fat.

2003 AFTER 12 weeks 121 lbs and 17% bodyfat.

This was when I found the Body For Life (BFL) program. It was absolutely AMAZING how well that program worked for me. It was simple to follow, but not ALWAYS! Ohhh yahhh.....the memories! Week 9 was TERRIBLE!!!!!!! COMPLETELY "fell off the wagon." I way ready to throw in the towel because I felt I FAILED.....but.......my learning experience from the week now helps me pass on some of my best advice-------there ARE going to be days when you WILL NOT be "perfect." It WILL happen! BUT.....as best you can, take it with a grain of salt, get some sleep to work off the stress, and then jump right back in. When I'm "training" in the summer months, I do try to follow a good nutrition plan, but COME ON! It's tough! We don't have the saying "Nobody is perfect" for no reason, ya know!

So----since Julie voiced her challenge/goals verbally, I figured I should try to be just as strong and voice mine.
I'm back! I NEED to be----the pants are getting a bit snugger...AND I busted the zipper in my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PANTS the other day. Ya think that's a sign???

So.....Each week: at least 3 days of treadmill work (20 minutes minimum) and at least 2 days of strength-training. I have a descent home Smith machine (that needed to be dusted off tonight). That's also my treadmill off to the upper-left of the pic.

I have no idea what my weight is right now, but I can definitely tell the bodyfat has risen quite a bit. It's bee 3 solid months since I trained for the marathon, and my non-running body can't keep up with the calories being consumed.

Here's to US JULIE!!!!!!!!!

And, of course, there's always Angela, who is nearing HER marathon! She is in her taper weeks........3 to go (if I remember correctly)

Okay...time for bed! That's another thing I should really work on! I can't remember the last time I've gotten to bed before 11 o'clock! I'm starting to drag a little in the morning........

Happy Tuesday!


Amanda said...

Oh my word, those photographs! They certainly brought a smile to my face this frosty morning. I won't be sharing anything similar I'm afraid, I've never owned a bikini in my life, nor have I have ever been that slim or toned I fear. I do need to lose some weight though, and the only way for me is to take more exercise, difficult when you have CFS. But the increasing years (and gravity!) and retirement plus one particular medication are playing havoc with my wieght, and I'm running out of clothes that fit, so somehow I've got to get going.

Cornfield Quilter said...

You are my hero! You look like one of those advertisements for body building in the second photo. I admire you that you run and do marathons, quite an accomplishment. You have inspired me to get back on my treadmill, haven't been on it in 5 months, and get feeling a whole lot better again. :D

scraphappy said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe that someone I know ever looked like that. I can only imagine!! Way to go for posting the photos, I'd never have the guts (well, maybe if I had after photo's like that). You are making me think a little harder about my own nutrition, maybe that's something I should do during my taper. Glad you are back on the wagon -- it would be a shame to run out of pants that snap.

Julie said...

Wow Amy!! You really are amazing.We are gonna do it! My schedule is thrown off a little today due to a sick boy. I am staying home with him, but so far haven't snacked!!

Dawn said...

WOW!! I am so impressed! I really need to get back on the treadmill!