Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some UFO progress...

Since I have officially made peace with myself for the fact that I have decided to NOT do Bonnie's mystery (at least not at this time), I spent a few more hours this morning tidying up the sewing room again. I haven't taken pictures YET of the nicely organized shelf, two full drawers of FQ's, and bins upon bins of 1.5", 2", 2.5" 3.5" 4.5" strips and squares; shoeboxes of 2" strip cut HST and 2.5" HST. About 30 minutes after DH and Cassie left for ice fishing, I figured I needed to leave the sewing area and spend some time with Candace and Caitlyn, unless I wanted them to kill each other. *(chuckle)* GOSH! Those two just CAN'T play nicely together without supervision :0)

After lunch, we put Wall-E into the DVD player (AGAIN!), and I took that time to pull out my knee-high stack of quilting magazines to remind myself of all the patterns I am dieing to make, but being patient to get to them. :0) However, I did come across a pattern that I think will be perfect for a lap quilt for Julie (running buddy---the one that always threatens to steal MY scrappy blue heart lap quilt everytime she visits.)

By the time DH rolled back home at dark and I had some Chili cooking, I was READY to head back downstairs to unwind my nerves from the "bickering" between Caitlyn/Candace.

I pulled out the Oklahoma Backroads blocks and plugged away at sewing up a bunch more blocks. It is now at a 6x8 setting, and with each block measuring 8" finished, that's already a minimum of 48x64", which I think will be just a perfect size for a snuggly lap quilt. I'll throw on a 2" inner border, a 2" pieced border using the bazillion 2.5" squares I still have, and then finish with another 2" (of 3"?) outer border and call it done. THat would be .... *doing some quick mental math*....60x76 (or 62x78 if I use a 3" outer border) as the final dimensions. The quilt pattern I found for Julie in the magazine measures 44x56", so....I'll make up that one and then let her choose between this one and that.... I might also "adjust" the magazine pattern to make it a bit larger.

I also decide to lay out the Scrappy Irish Chain blocks that I've been piecing as Leaders-n-Enders. I can't BELIEVE how quickly quilts seem to come together when you're not really "working" on it. :0) The layout doesn't match the pattern exactly; it's a bit smaller, but even at this size, it'll be a nice large lapquilt; maybe even a twin size.....let's see: 5 blocks wide with 1/2 blocks on each side, so that's really 6 blocks wide, and 7 blocks tall. Each block measures 9" finished, so 54x63" is current size. Yup---perfect lap size :0) Hey--maybe I'll get all three lap sizes done and let her pick her favorite of the three :0)

And yes...Candace celebrated her birthday rather "uneventfully" tonight. No cake, no fancy wrapping paper, and sadly, no grins from her either! She was grumpy from being awakened from her nap (LATE afternoon nap). We didn't want her sleeping away ONLY to be awake all night!

Tomorrow, all of us teachers head back to the classroom. Cassie and Caitlyn are both excited to get back, but I don't know if that'll be the case for the older kids....
Happy Sunday!

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