Saturday, January 17, 2009

QOV--Have time to make a quilt? & SS Pillow

Hey all----
Just wondering if you have plans for Monday OR anytime soon for that matter?
There was a post made the the Quiltville-Yahoo group from a member who received a post from a different group.....

Lately I have been thinking about what changes may be ahead for our country as we usher in a new administration, and what those changes might mean for each of us as citizens. Since Monday is Martin Luther King Day, and MLK Day is supposed to be a day of service to others, I have decided to issue a challenge to quilters. And that means you.

If you're interested, go to my blog at

Please feel free to forward the blog addy to quilting groups or quilty friends. The more hands we have working together, the faster we will reach our goal.

Kimmy Brunner

After a bit of reading and searching, here is the exact post where Kimmy is talking about the "challenge".... To sum it up, she is requesting assistance in making quilts for the QOV.

I have always thought about doing a worthwhile project and have heard so much about the QOV, BUT have never know who, what, where, etc.....
So now-----I am motivated! I can't wait until tomorrow! I will use tomorrow since I have school on Monday to get a good start on a quilt.

I hope you will join in, for a good cause, and just for the sheer JOY of making another quilt!!! :0)

Also---on another note....I am putting up my feet for the evening of hand-sewing the binding on the Smooth Sailing quilt. Mom and I have put in Momma-Mia. We went shopping this morning, were back by 1:00, so I whipped up this little pillow to go along with the wall hanging.

Oooooo, I also made a half-batch of Monster Cookies!!! I had some extra stars left from the peanut butter cookies a couple of months back, so I threw those on top as well. (Pay NO attention to the partially eaten cookie in the bottom left of the picture!!! I have NO idea how that happened!) (*wink*)

Okay----off to sew.
Happy Saturday.

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Cornfield Quilter said...

Happy Sunday! I have donated quilts to QOV and have quilted quite a few also. After reading Kimmy's post I am trying to figure out which of my finished quilts I need to send along. I sent 2 ealier this year to Alycia but now since they need 300 more I need to send a couple more. If it weren't for these soldiers our freedom may be taken away from us so it is pay back time! Have a great day off tomorrow, even though there is no grain markets tomorrow I still have to work, darn!!! :={