Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ah---the days of Summer!

Holy buckets! .........
Actually, if I had 'holy buckets,' they wouldn't be able to collect all the sweat dripping off of me! Seriously! Anyone who has lived through humid conditions, you understand me completely when I say.....'I'd rather have 100 DRY degree days than 90 HUMID degree days! Ugh! Going for a jog yesterday morning, I couldn't breathe! It was like having a wet washcloth over my mouth and nose and trying to breathe! So, this AM, I just went out for a simple mile WALK......drip, drip, drip! It's crazy!
So, now my game plan is to catch up with everyone's blogs while having my feet up, relaxing in the AC house! (Hmpf! Even with that, our living room has HUGE loft-size windows and will be in the full sun until about 2:00!) Therefore, in a short while, Candace and I will head downstairs (in the basement!) and hangout---I'll quilt and she'll play or watch a movie with me.

Last night, the girls and I made the handprint shirt for 'dad' since we hadn't had a chance to prior to Father's Day. I didn't get any pictures of the girls actually making it, but please imagine if you will....three girls with hands squishing on paper plates, ONLY needing to make their hand-print ONCE for dad's shirt, but....NOOOOO.......we need to make more prints Mom! Out comes the scrap paper. Ten minutes later, it was time to call it quits to clean up the paint off of the table, hands, clothes, face, chest........*sigh*.

Happy Tuesday AM!

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Chris said...

Enjoy your quilting time. I'm never too unhappy when the weather turns for the worse because it is a good excuse to sew.