Friday, June 26, 2009

Blowing off some steam!

I love my children, but...

when it comes to "cleaning up together," they really STINK! I did get some time in downstairs for a good hour -n- half and was able to finish up quilting the first section of Granny's Stars and even did one complete row of the DWR quilting before heading upstairs to whip up some lunch. The loft area was surprisingly quiet, so while the Mac-n-Cheese was boiling, up I went to see what they were up to.

It did appear that they HAD been cleaning at one point, but they were all "playing" when I went up to check on them. Mom's reaction: NOT GOOD! I thundered back downstairs to grab three garbage bags; one for actual garbage, and two to throw toys in. It was MOM's cleaning method now!

After lunch, mom continued to clean up; throwing EVERYTHING I saw in sight into one bag or the other. THEN! Ugh! I suppose I shouldn't be too upset at what I found next because I did the same thing when I was a kid (and now I understand why my mom was so upset with me)......their method of cleaning was "toss everything in the closet or under the bed." !!!!

So anyway.....two hours later, it's still not done, but MOST of it is complete. They have the task to finish it all up before mom has to "strike again" and throw ALL TOYS away!
(I don't actually throw all the toys away; rather just "store" them into the bags. Eventually, they may make their way back to the loft, otherwise they'll be donated to Good Will.)

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Amanda said...

Oh I remember that so well, and having rooms that stayed tidy was the one positive feature when they left home.