Monday, June 8, 2009

OUCH! Never...

...test to see if your iron is on by putting your hand on the sole plate!

ugh! I have a new iron, and the lights work a bit different with this one (obviously now!) On my last one, there was always a light on (green meant it was up to temp; red meant it wasn't, and if it sat idle long enough, it auto. shut off and there was no light present). Well....... THIS one is different! Now, a flashy-red means its auto shut off, green means it on and getting up to temp, and NO LIGHT means it's up to temp!!!!!! So, here, I had thought I turned it on, but no light was on......going with habit from the old iron, I put my hand on the plate to see how "cool" it had become.....UGH! It's just too bad my pain receptors didn't kick in a hair earlier! I've been keeping it on ice ever since (7:00) because it hurts to darn much when I don't!!! Quite possibly, three fingers will have blisters and/or some burn-site marks.

Yesterday, it felt so good to get downstairs to actually SEW SOMETHING! It has been so long since I've done anything! I still had a stack of HST pieces sitting my the machine for another sample of Steppin' Out using some dyed fabrics, so I whipped through those to just get them done; they were then set out of the way for now, joining the 4-patches that I had done the day before I had started these so many weeks ago.

I thought it would be fun to start my summer break by starting a new project (HAHAhAH......AS IF I need something else to work on!!) But, come on ----it's BONNIE's Christmas Lights mystery. I can't just sit by and let everyone else take part in this one and not turned into a classic "putz" day of pulling fabrics, cutting, sewing.....and before I knew it (seriously!!!), all of Step 1 was finished!!! Proudly, all of the fabrics are from the stash; I can NOT buy anything new. I will NEVER use all my fabric---and I don't even really have that much compared to some individuals!

Remember last week when I said MIL and I were cutting fabric for a Double Wedding Ring quilt for a friend of the family? Well, here are some of the pieces I was in charge of (already sewn and pressed). My MIL was in charge of cutting 196 of EACH color; which she has cut, sewn together and already basted. I was in charge of 98 of each color, which I have also cut and sewn, but I am waiting for basting because she is going to teach me how to hand-baste with thread. (I normally cheat and glue-baste the edges.) Well---I DID glue-baste 24 of them because I am making a wall-hanging to go along with the quilt we are making.

So, with some time left last night, I decided to print out the May block for Beth Ferrier's BOM Now-n-Forever. May's color is emerald.

The first "kinda-sorta-official-day" of volleyball practice went well. Actually, it was FUN! Gosh---those girls were playing well for not having touched a ball in months! Tomorrow, I'll have another short practice.

Tonight, I WANTED to start sewing the DWR rings onto the background, but my iron-accident stopped me early. Tomorrow, that will be my game plan.

It is now 9:35, and three of my fingers have indeed start blistering. GOSH, it aches when I remove it from the ice!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart now goes out to ANYONE who has ever suffered burns! The pain must be crippling!!!

Happy Monday


Andee said...

Alas, you are ahead of me on the mystery again. LOL I haven't even pulled fabrics as I planned thing led to another and it was a productive day, but not in the sewing room! Tomorrow maybe? Thanks for the motivation!

Amanda said...

Oh poor you, burns HURT. I hope the blistering isn't too bad, or you'll be twiddling your thumbs for a few more days yet. As ever, you have plenty planned out so enjoy your holidays.

Laurel said...

Ouch! So sorry about the burn. I know it must hurt like xxxx.

You sure are making progress on all your projects. I'm limping along on my Spring Bloom swap project. Last night I fused the applique down! Yippee! Tonight I hand stitch it.

Have fun with your summer off (you dog, you)! Can you tell I'm jealous?

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'm so sorry you got burned! Very few things hurt worse than a burn. Looks like you're getting a lot done ... as usual!

scraphappy said...

Even with burned fingers you are still way ahead of me on this one! I have yet to get the magazine, but I do have the directions from online. I agree that it would be unforgivable to pass up a Bonnie Mystery. It is just way too much fun to play along. I'll be interested to see how you do the double wedding ring. I've always loved that pattern.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Ouch!!! I hope your fingers are feeling better. Sounds like you are making use of every minute of your summer vacation......... one day, three hours for me. Yeah!!!



Erzebat said...

owie on the burns! little trick to use next time, this is old school method, we always used a wet finger to test the iron. wqe used this long before the lights were inclded with the irons. lick your finger (I know GROSS!!) and lighty TAP the sole plate. if it SIZZLES,its hot enough. I garentee you will not get burn. I have use this test method for decades and never burned my fingers. hot glue that is a different story.....(mauh) Liz