Monday, June 29, 2009

A new blog and Monday morning tasks...

Morning everyone! I woke up with DH bright-n-early to get my day started, and jumped online right away (well, after making some coffee and a bagel!) . I wanted to catch up and just enjoy some quiet "surfin'" time and to make up some labels for a couple of quilts that I finished up this weekend.

Well....psht! JACKPOT while surfing! My goodness! If you have a free hour (or more+!) to spare, check out Mel's Own Place. I've spent about half an hour perusing it and have barely touched the surface. HOWEVER, I now have to get to making up those labels if I hope to get them ready and prepped before I need to wake the girls for summer school.

I have been BAD this weekend by spending most of my time downstairs quilting and skipping out on my running. So, I've called up a newly-claimed running & biking buddy (Cheri). We will meet up for a run after dropping the kids off at summer school (she has 2 that also attend.) Candace will get bundled into the jogging stroller (BUNDLED for sure!) The temps are PERFECT for a run; low 60's with forecast high's of low 70's today! LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY! GONE is the heat and humidity from last week. However----the wind gusts might give us a challenge!

Okay....Happy Monday!

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Mel said...

Oh, Amy! Thank you so much for introducing me to your readers! How very nice!