Friday, June 12, 2009

Race Day tomorrow- HA!

Tomorrow is the first race of the season for me. I was out searching for a graphic to post, and this one made me chuckle! NO, I'm not running the race in the pic; it's just quite humorous! I am amazed at how many races have BEER and other drinks at the Post-Race parties; usually at the end of my races, the LAST thing I want is some sort of alcohol. But, I'm not much of a drinker anyway (**saying calmly as I take a sip of DH's Smirnoff Ice: Raspberry Burst**). Nah, really; I don't drink much; not since I had some lovely alcohol poisoning back on my 21st birthday (12 years ago). T'wasn't a good night, nor the week following it! I was in the hospital, severely dehydrated! Now, I keep my drinks to a minimum (2-3 max at a time); but usually don't drink all that much at all.

Anyway---back to running. Yeah, first "race" of the season tomorrow. HA! Let's just call it a training run where I cough up $15.00 for a "free" T-shirt. :0) Besides, Julie and I have run this 5K race for the last three years; it's kind of a ritual "first-kick-in-the-butt-of-the-season." And this year, that is EXACTLY what it will be----a SWIFT kick in the butt for both of us. She also (thankfully) has not been running. BUT, we both know that after this initial race, it's time to get serious if we want a PR on our Marathon-relay coming up in August. (read about last year's race... Paavo Nurmi 2008.)'s now 9:35. Time to hit the hay. Tomorrow will be a stress-free run; neither of us have any serious goal other than gettin' out there and run. (In my mind: 31:00 sounds JUST fine to me! (that would be a 10:00/mile pace)).

Happy Weekend


scraphappy said...

We have a popular 5K locally that features lots of beer at the finish. I am also not a big drinker, and the thought of beer at the end of the race is more than a little unpleasant. They also have the best fresh squeezed OJ, and that just hits the spot. Good luck tomorrow! It's all about getting out there and putting in some miles. You have to finish though, or you can't wear the t-shirt. Have fun.

Amanda said...

I hope the race went well and that you actually finished. Christopher says that many people manage to drink beer at the end of races, but he's a cup-of-tea man. I've never been much of a drinker, although I used to enjoy a glass of beer or wine, but sadly I've developed an allergy to alcohol over the last few years and can't manage even a mouthful.