Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well, if you were to read the previous post (from this morning), I certainly did NOT live up to many of those expectations (of heading downstairs), BUT I DID RUN! Shortly after posting (like, seriously a few minutes), the clouds parted and were completely non-existent after another 5 minutes. So....OUTSIDE I went!

I spent almost 2 hours mowing the lawn and then headed in for a morning snack for me and the girls. And since it was so nice outside, I shooshed them all outside while I decided to weed the rock-garden. I haven't had a chance to work on this one yet this year, since most of my outside-time is dedicated to the garden.

I don't always do a pre/post, but Angela inspired me to do so because of her pre/post kitchen photos yesterday. It sure is nice seeing the change though----even when the change only took about an hour to accomplish.

While I was weeding, the girls decided they wanted to make up a dance / cheer routine. When they were finished, I needed to judge the final routine. Well, um.......I love my girls, but they sure are not choreographers!!!

Also, I haven't shown a pic of Nikki (our babysitter) receiving the Double Delight quilt for graduation. I sure love all the wonderful patterns that Bonnie shares with us!

Finally, YES, I RAN! (and it humbled me!) Oh.....all the fitness that we lose after sitting idle for so long.
Ah little step at a time, and anything is possible.

Time to share one of my favorite quotes, and I have it inscribed in my Road ID bracelet:
Progress, not Perfection.

I'm heading up to the farm for the day tomorrow to deliver the DWR rings to MIL. We'll talk over what our next steps will be, visit for the afternoon, and then I'll be back on the road to home tomorrow, late afternoon.


scraphappy said...

Love the before and after pictures! See how good it feels to tackle just one tiny corner of the world?
It is so discouraging to feel like you are starting from square one again on the running front. It will come back much faster than you think though. Mentally if not physically, you are ready for the training. Your body doesn't have any choice but to follow along once your mind has decided to run. You got out there and got it done -- that is the part to think about. The bad runs make us appreciate the good ones. OK, out of platitudes now, so I'd better call it a night.

p.s. I am going to border my DD quilt tomorrow, you have shamed me into getting it done.

LindaLee said...

Nikki definitely shows how much she loves her quilt. She is an awesome young lady!!!

Love scraphappy's platitudes! That advice works for a challenge I have also.

Happy running--quilting--and your trip to MIL's.

Sharon T in Lynden said...

WTG Amy! I have found your blog recently and I truly enjoy it. Plus you inspire me to keep my more up to date! Love your double delight! And I am going to go and take a photo of the bed I am going to weed, before I weed it too - LOL!

Tracy said...

I wish we had the weather it looks like you're having! My yard looked like a jungle until my son mowed it this evening! When it rains as much as we've had, it's like walking on a sponge!
I love seeing all your projects too!

Andee said...

Nikki is one lucky babysitter (but I am guessing so are your kids if you took the time to make it for her!). I love your before and after rock garden photo..WOW! Looks great!