Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sewing, Sewing and more sewing

Bright and early ( maybe not at the crack of dawn), but by 9:00 am Saturday morning, MIL and I were hittin' the sewing machines with a large goal at hand: finish all 56 DWR blocks and the 30 half-blocks. We had a lovely assembly line going at one point; Caitlyn brought a stack of prepped blocks over to us, Candace refilled our yellow corner triangle stacks, Bonnei (MIL) and I sewed them on...

... and Cassie ironed them over. By 11:00, everyone was ready for a short break, so we made up some brunch of left-over spaghetti hot-dish and toast. Afterwards, DH packed the three girls up in the car to head over to do some work for the father of the groom; he also took the DWR wall-hanging with him so Paul (father) could work on the custom frame. With uninterrupted sewing time, MIL and I were able to finish up the full block by 12:30. Needing a little break, we headed in to town to pick up a few things at Walmart, and NATURALLY I needed to check over the fabric section. THIS is one Walmart that has a SUPER selection of "budget-priced" fabric. I came away with 7 yards of fabric spending only $14.00 on it; LOVELY bright colors (sorry, no pic yet).

Through the rest of the afternoon and today, MIL and I have finished all blocks, sewed rows together into three sections for me to quilt, and we even prepped for two pillow shams. During some "down-time" last night, MIL and I worked as a tag-team on my yo-yo's for Granny's Stars (Candace's Stars). She cut out the circles, and I sewed the yo-yo's. I have 28 of 36 done. (Sorry, no pics of those either.

When walking outside yesterday, Cassie saw this butterfly on the porch window. Only after taking the picture, did we realize the tiny blue sections of the wing; but we actually wondered if the butterfly's wing was see-through in those pieces, and we were actually seeing the window frame. ?????

Finally, on the running-front; I did not run yesterday :0( One excuse: I was tired in the morning. Then another excuse: it was HOT all day! Then the final excuse; dinner was DELICIOUS (and late) last night, so I was too full to run before the sun-light disappeared.

BUT, tonight, I dutifully tried to at least make the best of it by running a aerobic-interval workout; it ended up being 3 miles.

So...I now have my hands full of quilting projects: DWR, Granny's Stars, and a third project that my MIL wants me to quilt for her. It's a lovely Grandmother's Flowers-like top; pics will make their way on here tomorrow.

Hopefully you all had a lovely weekend!
Happy Sunday.


Julie said...

Oh, that butterfly looks like a pipevine swallowtail. We have lots of them here, they also have a black colorway.

Amanda said...

Wow, what a busy weekend, how lovely to achieve so much. I love the picture of your legs, it reminds me of the comment in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol - 'A positive light appeared to issue from Fezziwig’s calves.'

Chris said...

Hi Amy, This is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. The blue spots are the markings seen on a female. Males have only a few blue spots.

Tracy said...

Glad to know you shop at Walmart for fabric too! I hear so much about how the quality of their fabric is not as good as a LQS. They have some really nice stuff, I'm making my Old Red Barn blog quilt along quilt from mostly Walmart stuff.