Saturday, June 6, 2009

OH NO! My diamond!!

A bunch of us ladies from school had a "Ladies Night Out" dinner last night to say goodbye to the school year and to bid fond farewell to our Junior High Social Studies teacher. We are all very sad to see her go, but she is "followin' da man!" She's young (26) and thinks she's found "the one," so she is heading down to Florida to be with him. He's an Air Force Pilot (yes ladies...wipe away the drool).

Anyway, while chattin' away...suddenly I let out a gasp! I looked down at my ring and my diamond wasn't there! Heaven knows where it is---most likely in the garden somewhere.

I'm not completely freaking out. I'm a simple gal, so the diamond is small. I still have the 4 smaller setting diamonds, but the main one is gone. Tonight, I showed DH and joked with him that that's what he gets for not getting me anything last year for our 10th Anniversary. :0)

I'm wearing it, of course, and am not in any hurry to get it in to a jeweler for fixing. First, I need to find my paperwork to see what kind of warranty we have on it and whether or not some kind of insurance can cover it. Umm....anyone have any advice or information?

July 11 is our anniversary; I could joke and say that it's our Golden Anniversary this year (NO, not 50 years!!! But it's our 11th anniversary on July 11th, so.....isn't that just like a Golden Birthday????) :0)

Happy Saturday


Potpourri said...

Oh dear that is too bad, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could find it in among the weeds.

As far as replacement is concerned my insurance company requires that mine is appraised and given the once over every 5 years. I usually have the claws checked every year when I take it to a jewelery store to have it cleaned with the ultrasound machine, (its free)

Andee said...

I hope you find your diamond! My original diamond was put into a mother's necklace when I was later stolen from my purse...I still miss it just because it was my mom's before me and I planned to give it to my daughter...glad you aren't heartbroken over yours...better to have the strong marriage than the diamond after, lol!

Amanda said...

How lovely to have reached the end of term at last - it always feels like an achievement to get there doesn't it? How rotten to lose your diamond, here's hoping that your insurance covers it. My engagement ring had a tiny, very cheap tourmaline stone in it until our 25th wedding anniversary, when C had it changed for a sapphire. It's our 30th WA at the end of June - but we don't usually exchange presents, just 'wows' that we've lasted that long!

Julie said...

What a shame! Maybe you will find it. I still have mine, but have just gotten divorced. So, at least your marriage is intact! :-)

Dawn said...

That's too bad about your diamond. But congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

Cornfield Quilter said...

Sorry to hear about your diamond! I am to the philosophy now that when I lose something I just tell myself "Self, don't get upset, it is just stuff!" As long as I have my family and my faith I am happy no matter what I lose. :D

Laurel said...

Amy, your home owners' insurance should cover it. It should cover all jewlery, as long as you don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars. But an engagement/wedding ring should be on the no-brainer list.

Congrats on school being out. We have 4 more days (well, DD does).

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I lost my diamond out of the setting twice and found it each time. Once it was four months before it was found! So don't give up hope that it may turn up in the most unusual place. Once mine was stuck in the wooden molding in the bathroom. looonnnng story!

Check with your homeowner's insurance. It may be covered as personal property.

In two weeks it will be our 35th anniversary.

Enjoy your vacation!

The New Laker Quilter!

scraphappy said...

I hope the diamond turns up. We have an extra rider on our homeowners to cover mine. Your insurace agent should be able to tell you if yours is included in your policy. I got an upgraded ring on our 10th. We kept the original stone and bands, but snuck an emerald in there too. Good luck finding it again

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Sorry to hear about your ring, but I gotta say I do love your attitude about it. Some things are just more important than others! It may turn never can tell....but you now have a great excuse NOT to vacuum!