Saturday, June 27, 2009

Count with me...

ONE: Country Spirit

TWO: Double Wedding Ring wall-hanging (34" x 34") (for my bedroom)

THREE: Grandma & Me (66" x 66")

All finished TODAY!

Country Spirit was started on 1/18/09 and was made as a QOV, to be donated to Alycia's (Alycia Quilts) project. I haven't measure it yet, nor do I recall if I used 2" finished strips or 1.5" finished! June's UFO Challenge - DONE!

The Double Wedding Ring wall-hanging was a sample kit I purchased and started on 5/9/09 while on the way back from a Math convention. This is the pattern that my MIL and I are using to make the larger bed-size wedding quilt for a family friend. That one is STILL a WIP.

Grandma & Me started originally as Scrappy Baskets back on 5/11/08, and has gone through a few name changes (including Grandma & Katherine), but I have settled on Grandma & Me, mainly because when I look at it and I think of Grandma. The colors are "grandma," and much of the fabric and thread used was from Grandma's inheritance. THIS has been the monkey-on-my-back, without a doubt! February's UFO Challenge -- FINALLY DONE!

I love seeing progess.

OH! And the most exciting and wonderful news of the day: while rummaging through the stash to find a backing for Grandma & Me, I took a moment to clean out the cutting cabinet drawers. Guess what I found?!?!?! My quilting gloves! Dear Candace must have hid them in their while playing "mommy" one day; I have been missing them for about a month. NOW, the quilting of the DWR will be a bit easier! Whew!

Happy Saturday.


Alycia said...

Wow! That is AWESOME progress!!!

mmae said...

Beautiful quilts! That is a record that surely stands un-challenged, even these 3 years later :)