Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A detoured evening -- but Moondance still gets finished.

Okay---so much for getting Moondance finished last night! Once I went outside at 3:00, I didn't get back in until 9:30!!! Mowing took a couple of hours, and then I decided to spend an hour in the garden. HA! An hour turned into FOUR! of the garden realllllllllly needed my attention....

I can't believe how one week will do THIS to a previously weeded hill of watermelon...

Can you hear them gasping for sun and water? Those poor things!

And, the weeds??? Junk 'em, right? Psht! No way!
The weeds are a lovely delicious treat for the pork chops, bbq ribs, bacon, pork sausage, hams, pork roast, PIGS, PIGS I mean...[[giggle]]...

So...any guess as to what is here???? {{besides weeds, that is!}}

Ahhh.....'allo little carrots! [[did you hear the french accent???}} ;0)

Ugh! And then there's THIS!!!! HOW did we ever let this go for so long????
Any wagers as to what is TRYING to survive in this patch????

Yeah---that would be a yummy, red, JUICY strawberry! I can't believe any of them could even sprout in this disaster area!

I spent a good 1-1.5 hours working on them. Still not completely done {{and of course I had to sample at least a small few after finishing up each plant!}}. And you can't really see in the pic, but the "spreading fingers" {can't think of the technical name} are growing like crazy! I really needed to be careful not to pull any of them off the plant and to place them just right so the next plant to sprout will find itself in a "safe" area and not in any walking area.

Naturally, I shared the loot!!!

And I EVEN had enough of them left to make a single batch of strawberry jam! YUMMMMM! Yeah, I whipped this up at 10:00 after cleaning up.

I had a little helper Candace raking away weeds between the corn rows at one point of the evening.

Oh! And at least not ALL of our weeds are eye-sores! We have LOADS of wild daisy plants all over our non-mowed areas.

By the time I got cleaned up, I wasn't up to quilting anymore last night. I DID pull out some muslin to make up the label, though.
And put the binding and label on this morning. Actually, I just finished up about an hour ago, and I'm heading off to the party in 30 minutes. Nothing like a last-minute finish :0)

So, my plans for the rest of the day:
Enjoy the party and then play the rest of the day by ear. I have a babysitter lined up and she's AMAZING! The girls ADORE HER!!! A couple of the ladies that will be at the party and myself have plans to see "Eclipse" tonight at 6:45. We were smart and already got the tickets!!!! ;0) So, my afternoon is very flexible. I don't know if I'll just hang out with my lady-friends, or if I'll come back home after the party and do some sewing. I haven't had a chance to even look at Judy's Step #5 of the June mystery. I suppose I COULD spend some more time in the strawberry patch, but I really don't want to have to get dirty and cleaned up all over again....

Happy Wednesday!


Laurel said...

I didn't realize that you had a vegatable garden (dang, I wish this thing had spell check). I know I spend enough time on my flower garden that is out front by the driveway and sidewalk. But I do live "in town".

Loved your video of your quilting of the Moondance quilt. It was really neat to "meet" you! I'm still working on Jared in the evenings, making a little progress each night when I have the energy.

bluebird-lyn said...

Ohhh Amy, you made me so tired ...reading about your marathon in the garden...grin..I find it is a good feeling after working in the garden...seriously I love your quilt Moondance....looking forward to seeing what you have instore for the month of July...hugs lyn

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