Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another finish; do I have ONE more miracle in me???

Oh, what a day!!!
Packed full and I'm still feeling like I'm going strong.....
Up and revin' the engine by 8:00; hitting the Statistics books until 3:00. (YUP! 7 hours almost non-stop; it's to be expected by now....How far away is January 21st????)

BUT, at 3:00, I literally went from one table to another.....
the dining room table was replaced with my quilting table.....Jen's quilt was a callin'!

Jen's Diamonds (86" x 96")

My SIL and brother have a queen size bed, so this baby will be just the right size! It's pictured on my king size bed.....freshly laundered and ready for packaging and wrapping.

And here's the backing I mentioned yesterday. I burned through a nice amount of stash for this one. The quilting is VERY simple! Horizontal lines! That's it. My SIL wanted it "floofy" {{lol...still love that description}}, so I used polyester batting and VERY little quilting to keep it "flexible." At least it was a quick one to quilt up.

So, I'm wondering....can I pull off a miracle before next Sunday when we celebrate Christmas with DH's family???

I pulled out the fabric I purchased last month for BIL's (DH's brother) quilt. He made his wishes very clear. Simple. Camo. and Heavy! SO! Heavy denim camo was purchased as well as black demin. This fabric is QUITE different sewing than the typical cotton. I will NOT be loading this top on the frame when I get to the quilting point. My plans: purchase a queen size black sheet, cut batting to fit and TIE this quilt.

I took a personal day tomorrow so I could make Caitlyn's Christmas Program at 1:30; I haven't taken a personal day in quite a while, so.....I don't feel too guilty about this one. {{although my Statistics students were pouting that I'm giving them a test tomorrow---on a MONDAY---and I'm not there to answer any questions they may have.}} Anyway....I'll be up to take Candace to before-school care and then I'll be back home working away on Trav's (BIL) quilt. If I get this top done before I leave for my family Friday morning, it will be VERY likely to be completed by Sunday's celebration with DH's family. I have ALL DAY Saturday with no plans other than relaxing at my parent's of time! :0)

Ooooooooo......I'm liking this week's stash report!

Stash Report: Dec. 13 - 19
Used/week: 14.25 yards
Purchased/week: 0.0 yards

Used/year: 242.146 yards
Purchased/year: 221.736 yards

Net used: 20.41 yards

Happy 5 days 'til Christmas!!!!!!!!!


Andra Gayle said...

a finish always feels so great! Looks great too!

Bev said...

I really love jen's quilt. Is it a pattern or from your incredible mind.

scraphappy said...

Doing great on the finishes right now! Maybe the girls will help you with tying the camo quilt. Then it could be finishing up a gift and quality family time.
Glad you got Jen's quilt done. Love that "floofy" batting. It hardly needs any quilting at all.

Candace said...

Jen's quilt turned out great, front and back, and BIL's quilt is looking good, too. It is nice to make something that you know is what they want, but was working with their choices any different than working with yours? I haven't tied a quilt in a long time, but I used to get the DMC floss, leave it as long as I could and went from spot to spot leaving enough slack to have tying room. I didn't worry about waste, as it was a tradeoff for ease. I tied the one I use on my bed every night probably 20 years ago and the tails are smaller by about half, but they are still holding it together. I left the tails a little over an inch long.

Quilter Kathy said...

For sure you have lots of miracles left in you! You still have a whole week before Christmas! Heck...I think it's a miracle that you have finished step 4 of RRCB...I'm stuck at step #2!

Linda said...

Great finishes...I really like Jen's quilt. I have put that on my to do list for next year. Good luck on the tying. I hate to do that but it does go faster than quilting. My Christmas sewing is finished for this year. Now, I have to wrap and finish my knitting and crochet projects. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

You are doing GREAT on the stash busting! Your quilt is so manly, he's bound to love it. Ties will be perfect. Jen's quilt is so simple but very artistically pleasing. Probably not so simple with those diamonds in there. It looks curved. You are working miracles.

Jackie said...

You're nothing short of a whirlwind!