Thursday, December 30, 2010

A different type of measurement for Trav's Camo.

9.4 that considered heavy????

**wiping sweat from brow**


**rewinding 9 hours**

After brunch at 10:00, I headed downstairs to work on Trav's Camo quilt since DH said he would probably be seeing him tomorrow. I figured that was a perfect push for me to tackle the final steps of the quilt in order to check it off the list.

By noon, I finished up the final border placement and was ready to put the backing/batting/top together in a sandwich. I didn't have enough room to lay it out downstairs so I headed upstairs with all the layers ONLY to find out I didn't have enough room in the living room either! So....after some rearranging of the furniture (I moved one couch to the foot of the stairs OUT of the living room) I was able to lay out this 88" x 100" top (93ish x 105ish batting/backing) in order to get the tieing underway.

Three words: "Oh my fingers!" The backing is fleece, batting Warm-n-Natural, and the top....Denim! My right index fingertip is many words use "u", "j", "n", "h" anyway?!!?!?? ;0)

With DH's help in the final few blocks, I was able to finish tieing the quilt by 4:00 and then moved to the binding, which I did a little differently. I didn't actually use binding; rather I satin-stitched all the way around the edge, trimmed VERY close to the satin stitch, and then did a straight stitch in 1/2" from the edge. This raw-edge appearance looks kinda cool and I'm not worried about it coming undone. A little bit of fray may occur, but I think (for a camo quilt) it'll add to the outdoorsiness to it.

Anyway.....I HAD to try the quilt out to see if it lived up to its anticipated "heaviness" request. OMGOODNESS! I already had an idea of how heavy it was by trying to manuever it while stitching the edges.....and sure enough! It feels like those heavy "aprons" you wear at the dentist when needing to get an xray of your teeth. I LOVE that heavy feeling! I jumped on the scale with and without the quilt just to see how much different there was......and that's where the 9.4 pounds were shown.

I don't usually weigh my quilts so I can't tell you what a typical quilt runs.....but this one is now officially COMPLETE ;0)


Karen said...

I have never thought of using camo fabric for a quilt but it looks good with the black sashings. Good quilt for the males in our lives.

Amanda said...

It looks terrific, but I think I'd be unable to move squashed under a heavy quilt like that! I should think you're feeling lucky that you didn't break too many needles feeding it through your machine. I made a denim bag for Number One Son for his birthday, and put the timing out sewing the handles.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Holy Cow!!! that will definitely keep him warm.

Great job!

Charlene S said...

I have old bed quilts from my great grandma that weigh that much. When you sleep under them, you are warm but you won't move much. LOL

scraphappy said...

You must be so glad to have that one done! Glad you decided to tie it, though your fingers may be sore, I'm imagining sewing through those layers would be a huge chore. Great idea on the binding. I'm sure it will hold up just fine.