Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finish #2 for December; another start and Stash Report 11/29-12/5

I was able to finish up Brown Paisley today {{{Okay, that name really doesn't fit---I guess it's going to stay as "Angie's Quilt"}}}; quilting and binding finished. I don't always wash up quilts that I give away, but this one I did because I wanted to soften it up. Mmmmm.......i really like the results!!! So soft; nice fabric :0) And I just realized that I didn't measure the final quilt; it was 70"x88" before washing.

The quilting isn't that easy to see form the front; and the back isn't much better. I decided to use a more "romantic" pantograph since this is going to a female. Feather Me is the pantograph; a bit more time consuming than some of the other pantographs I have; a bit more intricate but well worth the results.

I wasn't about to start loading another quilt on the frame; mainly because I need to prep and piece the backing for my next handful of quilts needing quilting. And besides, I needed to spend a bit of time on my Statistics prepping {{{bleh!!!}}}.

So when I headed back downstairs after dinner/baths/bedtime, I pulled out the fabrics and whipped out 10 more 10-minute blocks for Jen's Diamonds. I started cutting and piecing the planned sashing as well; eh......I think it'll grow on me. The fabrics look much better in person than on the picture. And that one "crazy brown" fabric; it looks very cool in person, but in the sure stands out!

And I just needed to share this picture of the area next to my sewing machine. To some; disaster area! To me; it reminds me of growing up when I mom ALWAYS made me clean my room "because it's a mess!"....but.....this truly is organized chaos! I have my Bonnie Hunter RRCB step 2 rectangles on the right ready for cutting; If you look closely, you'll see that I have a handful of step #2's already pieced and pressed (upper left). I'm cutting rectangle sets as I piece, and I have a small stack next to my machine that are ready for pressing (very left). So, yeah... they are my current leader-enders. In the center of the picture are my Fall Buckeye Beauty block swap units that I HAD been using as my L/E project until Bonnie's took presidence.

And now....the moment I was dreading, but.....I actually am okay with these numbers!

Stash Report: November 29 - December 5
Used/week: 15.222 yards
Purchased/week: 12.333 yards
(backing for Twilight and some sales I COULDN"T pass up at

Used/year: 220.021 yards
Purchased/year: 221.736 yards

Net used: -1.715 yards

I DEFINITELY will finish the year off in the black. I made up some ground even though I had that purchase. And with the list of quilts I have yet to finish before the year-end, ..... yeah..... I'll finish in the black :0)

Happy Sunday!


scraphappy said...

Woohoo! Cross one off the list. Love the panto you used, it looks great after being washed. The sashing on the 10 minute blocks is nice. I'm sure you'll like it better once it's sewn together. I this I used exactly the same "crazy brown" fabric on one of my nursing home quilts. Go check it out here: It really looks the same to me. If you think your sewing area looks chaotic now, wait until you get to the strings of step 3!

The Quilting Pirate said...

You are busy beaver lately -wow, 2nd quilt so quickly!!

I'm really impressed with your Stash updates. It really have me thinking how to take over my stash next year.

Looks like you are where you want to be! Just notice you are a runner too - I've started to pick that up earlier this fall, but the cold stopped me short - unsure how to restart myself. I use to track, do you?

Maya said...

Amy - those 10-minute blocks look great! I tried the same technique after clicking through to the video from your earlier post. I was hooked and had to try it. I was not able to get a clean diamond in the center in some cases because the seam caught because it is not easy dealing with 2" squares! Did you have trouble maneuvering the folded fabric for the third seam for these 10" squares? Thanks for posting that link BTW!

scraphappy is right. I have finished steps 1 and 2 of RRCB and though I have only made 8 of the required 60 strippy neutral blocks, my sewing are is a disaster zone.

(Though I've been reading your blog for a while, I don't think I've ever left a comment before!)

Cornfield Quilter said...

Hi stranger! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! You are still one of the busiest but get's the most done woman I have ever met! That is a compliment by the way. :D
I also love the pantograph you used! I always love how they look after washing the quilt and that one looks awesome!
Have a wonderful holiday season, I still can't believe it is almost Christmas already, and a Happy New & Quilty New Year!

jillquilts said...

Yes, I am just getting around to reading blogs from last week.... WOO HOO on being in the red!!! :)