Friday, December 10, 2010

Replacement modem

I'm set off to install/configure my replacement (and upgraded) modem now capable for wireless that arrived today. I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't go bad.

Disconnecting my current modem.....

Talk to you soon {{I hope!!!!}}

2:31 update

Oh yea, oh yea, oh yea.....doin' the happy dance. THAT was easy...oh yea..oh yea.... set up the OTHER laptop, so now DH and I BOTH can be online at the same time without fighting over the cord!

2:36 update
Ha! That was easy too! I simply opened it up (I use a MAC), and I get a window...."Would you like to join the wireless network Centurytel?"
I clicked "Join"....
....and here I am :0)
Now....I wonder about my iTouch......


Yeah, yeah...I'll get back downstairs soon enough. I have the backing loaded on the frame and am to the point where I need to cut the batting to size.

Oh....this day is SOOOOO much better than yesterday :0)


Jackie said...

I'm glad you had a better day!

Amanda said...

There's such a wonderful feeling of triumph when you manage to set up the latest bit of technological kit with no problems isn't there? We've had wireless for a few years now, and it's generally great. Though, having moved to the wilds of rural Somerset we have a really tiny amount of bandwidth which slows us down sometimes. Perhaps you should stop now whilst you're on top of everything.

Tracy said...

I love my wireless. And especially when everything works!

Gari said...

You sounded just like me 2 years ago when we went wireless. I jumped all over the place and had all the computers going at once. What freedom. Now I sit in the front room, watching TV, reading blogs and/or planning my next quilt. What fun and what a wonderful age.

jillquilts said...

Hooray hooray!!! And I just got a itouch this week. I love it already!