Monday, December 27, 2010

RRCB Step 3 action; Country Style Ribs

I took my time perusing everyone's blogs before actually getting downstairs this morning to start my work on RRCB Step #3. By 9:00, I was getting organized, enjoying my third cup of coffee (doctored up with some sugar and Peppermint-Mocha flavored creamer). I began by digging through my string bin, 1.5" bin and 2" bin. The thought crossed my mind to see what my 2.5" bin had, BUT I figured if there is anything in there worth using, I'd use them for a scrappy binding.

It's mid afternoon and I've taken a few breaks (lunch, referee'ing girls, tidying presents as they get unpacked/opened). I have 24 sewn at this point; not de-papered yet....

...I did a decent job diminishing my pile from this morning and have replenished it with what I found in my 3.5" and 4.5" bins (cut down to smaller strips, of course).

But knowing that dinner was looming in a few hours, I took a small break; checked the fire and dug around the chest-freezer to see what sounded good for dinner. The chest freezer is PACKED (no pic), so I grabbed what was closest to the top: "Country Style Ribs". Hmm.....don't recall 'country style ribs' from the pigs last I went to Google-land to see what I could find....

Country Style Ribs are prepped and the first stage of this recipe is under way.

Off to start either another batch of RRCB Step 3's OR maybe I'll see what I can find for Step 5.

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