Friday, December 10, 2010

Using what's given to me... (with update)

Daycare needed to close today, so....
I'm using the "extra" time given to me!

Laundry already underway
Breakfast complete
On the agenda: Morning Run quilt back prepping in order to quilt it today.

But to look for the Darn Best BBQ Pork Ribs recipe. {{a request from hubby.}} Trust me, my arm doesn't need to be twisted very much! One good thing about raising those lil' porkers for a few months every year.....lots of YUMMIES in the chest freezer.

10:45 update

As I was about to start prepping the ribs for the evening meal, THIS stopped me in my tracks! Counter space was non-existent! work I went, not overly willingly, the duty drew closer and closer to an end, it wasn't bad AND.... least now I had a working kitchen again. {{Note: *I* didn't necessarily make this 'before' mess, but didn't help with cleanup along the way either. I love DH and the last thing I want to do is complain when he makes dinner. Afterall it's a win-win for me when he does! He grew up in a family where his parents owned a restaurant and his mother was head cook. The man knows how to cook!!!! BUT....he's also a MESSSSSSSSSY cook! ;0) }} that I had working space, I loaded up the ribs with a dry rub and wrapped 'em up in foil. They'll stay in the fridge until about noon, at which time I'm still contemplating if I want to cook them lo-n-slow in the oven at 200 uncovered for 1-2 hours and THEN cook them lo-n-slow for another hour wrapped up in foil with some homemade BBQ sauce to get them to the 'wet' texture I like.....OR to just wrap 'em up with the sauce right away and store them in the fridge to marinate for a few hours before cooking 'em for a handful of hours at low heat to the point where they fall off the bone.


Hmmmm.....guess I'll know when noon time comes around.

Regarding DH's cooking

For lunch, I am reheating some bite-size fried chicken pieces that DH made the other night from our butchered chickens, in addition to some homemade rolls. Yup....he's a yummy cook! :0)

But...mmmmmmmmmm......7:05 pm update.....these suuuure tasted yummy tonight! In addition to fried potatoes, stuffing and DH's remaining homemade buns from the other night.


scraphappy said...

Hope you are getting lots done on your gift day. Extra time must be the best gift of all.

Amanda said...

That's about what my kitchen looks like every morning, the 'before' that is, but it gets cleaned up every morning too, so I'm not too bad a housekeeper I suppose, not too great either! Christopher does about a third of the cooking these days, and uses a lot more pots and pans and knives and bowls than I do, but who's complaining. It's the cooking I get bored with. I've never eaten ribs so I've no idea what they're like, but I hope you enjoy them hugely.

Alycia said...

I totally understand and sympathize with you. Mine can use every pan in the house, even if it is not needed..... but it still gets out and gets something on it!

Glad your modem is back. Have a great weekend!

Gari said...

YOu know, I was alone for dinner last night and would have responded to an invitation. Oh, well, they did look good.