Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE 2010 Mystery - arm twisted! (with updates)

LOL....Thanks to Andee, my arm has been twisted to take part in Ann's NYE Mystery Quilt via QTMysteryQuilts Yahoo group.

I had to play some catch up this morning because I hadn't even chosen my fabrics yet OR done any pre-cutting. But by 8:00 I was downstairs, starting to sift to find the perfect fabs in my not-too-large stash :0) I originally was twisted into making a crib size quilt, but I found these fabrics and had enough for the Twin/Throw size and figured I might find a perfect girl to gift this one to.

Clue #1 is completed and is sitting on top of the laptop; my other fabrics for other clues are waiting patiently in the upper left of the picture. Clue #2 pieces are to the right of the pic, next to my machine ready.

I'm a wee bit behind because of my catch up AND for the fact that I absolutely MUST double-sew the flip-method corners. I simply can't toss that scrap fabric anymore!!!! just a brief post for now. Need to make some toast for Candace and then I'm starting on Clue #2 (clue #3 was posted 45 mins ago~!!!)

Updates will come throughout the day. I'll be checking in with Andee from time-to-time too. I hope she's posting!

11:53 update

96 Step 2 and Step 1 units complete. PLUS 96 bonus triangles from each unit. I took a picture but there was an error reading it, so I'll try that again later. For now....on to Step #3. I'm hoping to catch up this hour considering Step #4 is scheduled to post in 7 minutes!

1:35 update

96 Step #4 (center) and 96 Step #3 (right) done. I'm still behind; I thought the mystery started an hour later than it actually did, so....I'm on to Step #5.

I'm hoping I'll catch up now that all the bonus triangles are done. 96 from Step #1, 96 from step #2, 96 more from step #4. Whew! Maybe a fancy border in the making???? OH...and it's a Toy Story day down here with me and the girls. Toy Story 1 just ended; they have restarted it! LOL...guess they like it! We watched Toy Story #2 first (LOL....kinda makes me think of how I'm doing RRCB a bit out of order too!). I hope to get Toy Story #3 underway after the repeat of #1 ends.

2:20 update

I made up some time with Step #5; simple sewing and pressing.

Mind you, it DID help that Cassie was more than willing to help out by cutting apart the 96 units! While she was doing that, I headed upstairs to make up another batch of starch. If you haven't already tried making your own starch, check out Crazy Mom's recipe for starch. I've used it ever since I came across it! It beats spending $7 a bottle on Best Press when the bottle only lasts a day or two around here! ;0)

Okay....Step #6. Can I catch up???? I wonder how Andee and gals are doing?!?!?!

3:07 update

Making up ground! Step #6 done!

I haven't looked ahead to any steps (step #8 was JUST posted). I'm thinking this is what Step #7 will be calling for???? LOL......J/K!!!!!! I've been at this long enough to have a better guess than THAT! Me thinks those outside blocks will be the other way in order to make a star in green around the focus fabric.

OK...quick pee break and then Step #7! {{Goodness! How much coffee have I HAD today???}}

4:10 update

Step #7 went quick....and I moved seamlessly right into step #8.........and I'm THINKING that 8 hours on {{almost}} non-stop sewing is starting to get to me! OOOOOOPS!

BUT.....step #8 success. It appears all that is left is putting these 28 blocks together into the final setting.

{{insert tummy rumble sound-effects}}

Yeah----time to break to make up something for dinner, and THEN.....back down here to put the top together. Hopefully my next post will be a finished top :0)

{{tapping Andee's blog window}} you guys doing down there?????


scraphappy said...

Really? Because you need to start another quilt right now? It will be beautiful I'm sure.

Amanda said...

You're such a sucker for punishment! Are you planning on joining in with Angela's rainbow scrap challenge too?

Alycia said...

So will this be finished today? That's impressive!! Enjoy

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh no you didn't! I can't believe you caved! LOL! You crack me up! Enjoy!

Andee said...

Impressive and organized...I love your fabric choices..and since I am reading your posts backwards I have to say that the border you put on adds TONS to this quilt, I love it!