Friday, July 5, 2013

AHA moment! Crochet RWB rectangle rug

Last night while working on the woven crochet mat, with the TV mindlessly playing in the background, I tuned into some Youtube videos.  I wasn't really watching for anything in particular, but I figured they would hold my interest more than what was playing on the television; better background noise.

When I came to Nanie's Rag Rugs, it started out as any other lah-dee-dah video, but then at about 1:30 when she showed a rectangular rug, and then moments later discussed about how she didn't like simply going back and forth so she was trying something new for her 4th rug.....

OMGOODNESS!  Lightbulb moment!
I CAN DO THAT!!!!!  I can crochet back-n-forth!
So, I grabbed the circle rug I had in progress and undid all of the crochet I had done so far; I was so frustrated with it anyway.  And now.... I'm am MUCH happier with the look of THIS rug!  



Linda said...

I like this rug crocheted in rows, too. Like you, I have trouble getting the oval rugs to come out right.

Andee said...

Awesome...looks good!