Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thoughts...and appreciation!

As I'm sitting here, crocheting away on this new Cluster-V stitch I learned this morning, I definitely find myself having a new appreciation for the maker(s) all the crochet projects that have come and gone in my life.  And having a faint memory of one that I SADLY, SADLY regret selling now!  It was massive!  And heavy!  And I have to believe it was hand-made by one of my relatives (??????)

Maybe my mother can give me some information;  I recall having it on the back of an old rocking chair at our old house.  I also have no recollection where the rocking chair came from either.  Gosh!  Such bad memory!  A tiny little voice is nagging me with "Grandma Laessig" (my mom's mother).  I wonder if she crocheted.

It was big!  And back when I had my first garage sale---I was on a "clean it out!" rampage, so it found itself on the selling table, with the price tag of $1.00!  
It's nagging me, because I clearly remember the lady it was sold to.  She asked me at least three times if I was sure I wanted to sell it; that it certainly was handmade, and then insisting that I needed to put more than $1.00 on it.  

I have a feeling she walked away with an AMAZING deal that day.


So, a new appreciation is found.  Knowing now how much time and effort was put into that afghan, .... and how I want to make one just as big.    

And then I look at my hands.  I'm 37 and my hands remind me of my mother "back in the day."  I recall times in my past when I would notice the popped veins in my mother's hands, thinking I wish I had that feature.  LOL.  Goodness.   Truly, time simply passes us by.
In actuality, the real purpose of this picture was to show you my painted nails;  I don't have paint on my nails very often!  Not with all the gardening I do that eventually scrapes away at it all.  BUT, I have enjoyed my morning of crocheting (and even typing right now) because it just feels ..... different.... and more feminine....having the paint on the nails.  

Waiting patiently for a phone call from Cassie saying she's done with strawberry picking for the day.  I'm so tempted to go shopping for some more yarn and new/different-sized crochet hooks.  

However, first.  More practice.  Practice.  Practice.


Andee said...

I rarely have painted nails with my career (it is frowned upon) but I feel that way when my toes are painted! :) Happy crocheting!

Amanda said...

Isn't it strange how having your nails varnished makes yobs so much more aware of your hands. And isn't it fun to learn something new? It's not new to me but I'm having fun getting back to dressmaking, something I haven't done for years.

Sundae Quilter said...

You're doing very well. I"ll send you my socks and you can finish knitting them :)

Linda said...

Hi, I have 5 different size crochet hooks that you are welcome to use. Kristina Stearns is an great crocheter.

Kevin the Quilter said...

I know I definitely feel more feminine and different when I have paint on my nails! LOLOLOLOLOL