Thursday, July 4, 2013

Life's happenings; some work and some play

Yes, it's a holiday in the USA today, but a day is just a day most of the time to Paul and me.    Work needs to be done...
... and it was.  I cultivated the main garden while Cassie mowed lawn.  Part of the upper garden was also tilled up so that the beans can be transplanted and spread out from the main garden.  In the meantime, Cassie started 'sweeping' the lawn to give us some grass mulch to use around the berry bushes.  And by 11:30, the day started getting too hot.

Which is when we picked up a friend of Cassie's and hit the lake.
The other two girls have been kidnapped by Gma and Gpa for a few days.  It's so different having only Cassie to worry about, make meals for, keep busy, etc.
Last night, after our shopping spree, we let Cassie pick the place to eat; she chose KFC.  And while sitting there, talking about what we wanted to do today, I had a weird moment of "whoa." 

Life would be SO different with only one child. 

Cassie was the only one who had to choose what to do today.  There wasn't any bartering that needed to be done because three different voices wanted to do three different things.  There wasn't any fighting nor bickering.   I know it would be different if we would only have had one child from the get-go;  but going from three to one...... it's just -- different.

Between boating today and watching TV last night (until 1AM), I made some good progress on the Woven crochet mat.

And just after returning from boating and dropping Cassie off at her friend's house for a night of music and fireworks, Paul and I made some dinner and talked about what WE wanted to do tonight, CHILDLESS!

LOL.  Movie was mentioned a few days ago;  The Lone Ranger seems like a good one to watch.

However, in the end, we both just decided that we would rather relax and stay at home.  Neither of us have really ever been "gotta-go-out-and-party" people.

So instead, we went "out with the old"...

...and "in with the new!"
Although, we're not really going "out with the old."   It's more like "move over the old and meet your new roommate."
With the amount of meat we are expecting over the next few months, and with everything we preserve, we needed a bit more freezer space.  And besides, we really aren't too sure how much we should be relying on the older one anymore.  She's put her years in.

So, with Paul snoozing away on the couch, and me clicking through channels on the TV, it's time to enjoy our relaxing evening :)

Happy Thursday everyone.


Amy K said...

Enjoy your childless evening relaxing! Hopefully you don't want TV like my mom...with her eyes closed. ;0)

Kevin the Quilter said...

Parents need a night off every once in a while too! Sounds like you all have a great family! Whatta garden!

Amanda said...

Since our boys left home we've had to get used to being without them, and the older you get the easier that is! I was an only child and hated it, though I don't know how my parents felt about it. Our two boys squabbled a heck of a lot and never really got on the way we would have liked, but they're very close now and have both doubtless benefited from having a brother.

Andee said...

Too funny..I too prefer to just stay home and chill. I am very social but love my home time! I am sure you will have both those freezers full in no time!