Monday, July 1, 2013

HA! My relaxing afternoon.

So much for being lazy for the afternoon!
I walked past the counter a few different times;  every time thinking I needed to get motivated to do something with the strawberries we picked this morning.  We simply don't have room in the fridge to store two buckets of strawberries.  Besides, tomorrow we'll be on the road up to the Farm... so I really had to do something with them TODAY.

So be it.

"GIRLS!!!! Who wants to help make jam?"

Candace was the only one who came forward;  didn't even think of snapping pictures of her working with me.  It was kinda hard for pictures anyway, because I had two batches sugaring and pectin boiling for each within 5 minutes of each other;  my hands were busy with little downtime.

Once the jam was made, I moved directly into prepping dinner:  Pork/Venison meatloaf and meatballs.  There was one more 1.5LB package of ground venison in the freezer (deer meat, for those who don't know the term venison);  mixed together with 1LB ground pork and some seasoning.... it's so close to the texture and flavor of ground beef.  So, half of it was loafed up, and the other half was balled up, browned and marinated in some home made BBQ sauce.

Between browning and stirring, dishes were done up.....

....and I had a "I-crave-something-sweet" attack.

Loads of eggs in the fridge.
Loads of strawberries in the fridge.

Any guesses???????

Angel food, of course!   However, rather than making up a cake in the classic angel food pan, I used two loaf pans.  Easier for strawberry shortcake.  Duh!   :D
Last year was my first attempt at homemade angel food cake.   It's so easy to make.  And delicious!  One loaf will travel with us to the farm tomorrow, in addition to the 2nd bucket of strawberries.  Mother-in-Law was excited when I called her to let her know of the goodies heading her way.  I'm SURE she'll make some jam.... and maybe even a strawberry pie!  **lickin' lips**

So NOW....
Dinner has been eaten.
The girls are washing up the dishes.
The angel food is in its final moments of baking.

And my feet are up.  I sense some crochet ruggin' happening very soon!

Happy Tuesday!

I love summer.


Andra Gayle said...

I have gotten one little strawberry from my one little plant. So jealous right now. Those look soooo good!

Amanda said...

That's the problem with growing-your-own isn't it; the feeling of guilt you get if you waste a single morsel. I've just ordered a fruit cage so that I can grow strawberries next year, the birds beat me to it every year.

Andee said...

One of my favorites is strawberry short cake because I love angel food cake! I haven't made it in years (buy it lol) but hmm maybe I will try doing in the loaf pans like this! Thanks for the recipe!