Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lofty goal - Slanted Shells afghan

Candace is happily modeling another simple finish of mine from Thursday evening;  it was an excellent project for me to practice some more crochet and to learn a new combination of stitches: Cluster-V design.  She's claiming it for herself.  Works for me :)

Then, I contemplated.  And you-tubed.  Then contemplated and you-tubed some more.

And then yesterday, after dropping Cassie off at 8:00 to pick strawberries, the other two girls and I headed down to Walmart (25 mile trip).   I wanted a couple more crochet hooks.  I wanted some yarn.  Some nicer yarn than the worsted 4ply that I have sitting next to my glider.  

I had a vision and a goal and was on. a. misson.  
I want to make an afghan.  #1) to give me an idea of how special of a project I really did let go at the garage sale years ago.  #2) Besides, it's not like I have any lap quilts or blankets around my living room!! Geez!  I'm DEFINITELY in the need of an afghan!  
LOL. 8-)

By 10:00, I was back at home, putting a movie in to relax the morning away with the girls.  
And I started.

Later in the afternoon, Paul took the whole family on a 2 hour road-trip to visit a Dexter Cattle farm.  His vision for next year is for us to start up a little herd and he wanted us to see them...learn about them... and basically get a "feel" for what my opinion on the whole thing would be.
Psht... as if he hasn't already figured out:  I'm fine with just about any new venture lately, as long as it doesn't break the bank :D

Notice the yarn and crochet hook in Candace's hands??  She's becoming a MASTER at the chain-stitch! 
This really isn't a great picture.  It makes the animals look like any other picture of cattle.  However, what is unique to the Dexter breed -- they are SMALL.  Not tiny, but MUCH smaller than the typical cow.

Anyway... it was an enjoyable trip, because I crocheted the entire way down and back.  Almost 4 more hours of crocheting :)

So, one full skein has been used, and it's making progress.

The design that caught my interest (AND it seemed easy enough for this beginner):  Slanted Shells

 The time investment  Roughly 10 hours. ??  There are 12.5 rows completed, and I'm definitely getting quicker with my stitching;  tighter too.

I'm not sure I want a two-color afghan yet.  Therefore, I'm going to continue with the bone color Caron Simply Soft for now.  Each skein:  6 oz (170 g); 315 yds (288m).  {{There are also three skeins of a sage green "Woodland Heather" in the picture with Candace.

Making this afghan will CERTAINLY take much more time (and yarn!) than my simple practice dishcloths and scarfs.  Wish me luck that it doesn't turn into a UFO once (if?) the honeymoon phase of crochet wears off :-]


JB said...

Candace looks so cute in the crocheted scarf. I'm excited to see what hers turns out like when she's done.

JB said...
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