Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aran afghan throw - complete

The Aran afghan throw taught me a few things.
1 - How to read a pattern (Aran afghan throw - Free pattern from JoAnns)
2 - Bobble stitch
3 - Front and back post double crochet (not a big fan yet)
4 - Creator's control of design alteration :D

I used Red Heart super saver yarns:  
3.5 skeins of Cafe Latte, 
3.5 skeins of Coffee Cafe,
3 skeins of Real Teal.  
Each skein = 7oz/198g ; 364 yards.  TOTAL yardage:  ~ 3640 yards.  WOW!  I think that's a lot, right??  (And that DOES include the fringe).
Hook size J/10 - 6mm
Non-blocked finished size:  45" x 64" (not including the fringe).
I didn't follow the pattern completely.  I started altering after the first two stripes (on left).  For the next two stripe sections, I replaced the bobbles with treble-crochet (or is it triple-crochet?) stitches.  Oh yeah...another thing I learned is that there is a different between US pattern lingo and most other places.  
I brought the bobbles back in in the middle section, but I spaced them out every 3 single crochets, and built them up more (5 yarn-overs vs 3).    And then reflective-symmetry took me back to the other side.

As a last-minute idea, I added some fringe to this afghan.  And WOWZERS....did it make a difference! 
 I was running low on the teal, so I cut the yarn and organized it into equal-sized piles.  I had enough to do one fringe with each blue strip.....

Wasn't liking it.  NOR was I interested in going out to purchase another skein of the yarn.

So, with a little bit more of design leisure, I mixed in some coffee and tan, thinned out the teal into two sections each, and v'iola.  I much more appealing fringe outline.

Yes, I already have the next project lined up :D


Judy D in WA said...


JB said...

I absolutely love the fringe on the afghan. What does Candace think of it?

Andra Gayle said...

What a great job! Way to go! Can't wait to see your next one!

Kevin the Quilter said...

You are becoming prolific at crocheting! You're pretty much prolific at whatever you do though.....quilting, gardening, crocheting, being awesome......the list goes on and on! LOL

InfinityQuilter & Knitter said...

Finished already? You're a crocheting machine! I like how you did the fringes. Can't wait to see what color the next one will be and what yarn you'll be using.

Angela Neff said...

With this one you are officially a more knowledgeable crocheter than me!