Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another rug in the making - Blue

Over the past few years, my mother has been collecting fabrics for me at just about every garage sale and goodwill she has come across.  And there is every single walk of life in those fabrics.  

Over the past few years too, I have accepted that there are simply some fabrics that were destined to be donated back to goodwill or garage sales.

HOWEVER, they have found a new life!!!!

I'm sorry, but this..... this would NEVER have made it into any quilt in my mind.....  I don't even know if Bonnie's "if it's still ugly, it's not small enough" philosophy would work here.  It's just simply SOOOO not me.

But....1" rips................... ready for another rag rug.

And look at what other goooooodies I dug out of the pile that simply has been collecting for years.  

20W for $1.00!!!! was buried in the donated stash too!!!!!!

With so much blue found, I knew they were destined to be united in another rag rug.  With my practicing of crochet over the past handful of days, I'm actually using half-double-crochet on this rug.  I'm fairly tickled with how nicely this one is coming together;  I THINK I've figured out where/when the edge stitches are for smoother edges.  Yup, yup.... loving this one so far :)

I need to spend some time in the garden this AM putting up some more twine to support the tomatoes.  Suddenly they have BURSTED in growth and are beginning to topple over with their weight.  Yikers!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Andee said...

I have to agree with the duck fabric...great idea to throw it in the rug! You will have the whole place covered in no time!