Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Start & Finish - Fingerless gloves

"Rabbit" fingerless gloves (my ravelry link)
'Wasting some time' this morning on Ravelry before needing to head out to the dentist appointments.... I was actually on the search for some easy sock patterns;  ya know... to try something new.
And I came across these cute simply fingerless gloves.

After spending HOURS at the dentist (9:30AM - 12:30PM) and some lunch at the local Family Restaurant, I came home, sat... and gave the pattern a try.
Three hours (?) give or take.... and they turned out so cah-uuute!

Cassie modeled them for me;  I sized the pattern down both on chain stitches (I did 24) and in the length of the palm and arms.  

I had just enough yarn in this little dollar-bin find!   50 grams / 71 yards.  And a WHOPPER of a price!  

Cassie has been showing a bit of interest in crochet too...

and we BOTH were in heaven when we found this jackpot at the local library last night! :)

#42 caught my eye;  maybe it's a sign seeing that Paul turned 42 yesterday.  Maybe my next-next project will be an afghan for him.   My next project will be one for Cassie.

And my current project progress....
As you can see, I "fixed" the stitch count and am growing correctly now.  So....what to do with those first 19 rows (the red/white/blue slants)......???
I suppose I REALLY should try to undo them...somehow.  But I won't make that decision until later on, after it's grown a bit more.

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Angela Neff said...

You two will be masters in no time!