Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Slanted Shells - more progress

One thing about the heat that is hitting our area this week -- once the morning outside duties are completed, it's enjoyable to sit in the AC house with the fan blowing on me..... and crocheting :)
And actually, last night while sitting the hours away in front of some movies of the girls' choosing, it was relaxing and comforting to drape the afghan over my legs as I completed each line.  It has such a different feel than a quilt.  {{Quilts are still my first love!  {so far} }}

At any point now, I could bring this project to a close.  There are 7 skeins used so far (5 x 6oz/315yds & 2 x 5oz/250yds).  Candace gave it a test run and awarded it two thumbs up.  However, she did say "Mom, I think you should switch back to the green for a bit."   That silly girl... that's exactly what I was planning.  Maybe 5 rows of green (matching the width of the small strip on the other end).  And then I predict going along the border with two border rows of the green, before completing it with 4 or 5 border rows of the bone color.  Yup, yup....that sounds like a good plan.

Hm!  Maybe this will be finished tonight.  
At this point......I have LOADS of new appreciation for crochet projects!  I haven't calculated my total time investment yet, but.....everyday, I bet I've been putting in an average of 8 hours.  Since Friday....6 days.......48 hours...  Sounds about right. :)

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are all staying cool.


Judy D in WA said...

You are putting in some serious crochet time! It looks fabulous. Can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow when you have it finished. ;)

InfinityQuilter & Knitter said...

It looks fabulous! I can't believe how much big it is. Hope you're staying cool! I'm ready for the coldfront to come in.

JB said...

Nice progress on the afghan. Candace looks like she's enjoying it. Now you have new Christmas presents for everyone. :-) looking forward to seeing the finished progress.

Amanda said...

You really don't do things by halves do you! Nothing small for you, but a huge throw. It's looking great.

Sundae Quilter said...

It is looking lovely!! I hope you are staying cooler than we are.

Deb A said...

Wow! You are doing great and that is a beautiful afghan. I watched the video.... I can't wait to play with that stitch in a few weeks.... if I don't break down and buy some yarn today while near some stores!