Sunday, February 23, 2014

Coffee-n-Cream Drop in the Pond progress [crochet]

As of yesterday morning, my Elizabeth Ham's Drop in the Pond afghan project has reached the published crib size, but I truly love this pattern, so I'm goin' bigger.  I tripled the amount of yarn required for the crib size, so I may not be able to quite double the size of each size, but we'll see.

Gotta love how math shows up so much in the crafts we do.  Did you know.... if you double the length of the original sides, the AREA of the new project actually increases by 4 times the amount?  Or if you triple the length of the original size, the area of the project increases to 9 times the amount?  ;)  There's your math lesson for the weekend.

For the crib size, this pattern has used almost a full skein of Red Heart Super Saver Aran, and still have about 1/4 skein left of Buff and Coffee.    Hmmm!  Maybe I will be able to double the side lengths of the original project.  I have at least 4 times the amount of yarn called for :)
AND, going back to the original product requirements:  Imagine using three coordinating 'baby' colors with the pattern;  what a simple, AMAZING baby shower gift!  Only three skeins of yarn.  Ya can't go wrong.

The nice by-product of a crochet project growing.... it eventually doubles as a work in progress AND a blanket :)    

The drift on our deck grew in size from all the blowing on Friday.  So, we (the girls and I) tackled it yesterday afternoon.  Oh.  Lordy.  Parts of it were nice to shovel, but MOST of it was so compact and covered with 'warmed' melted-snow top layer.  YUCK!  For an hour, we were mostly shoveling snow-bricks!!!!!  I was slapped in my face with how out of shape I've become;  I haven't run since.... August??  September???  LOL.

So yeah.... I'm finally jumping on the "I'm done with Winter" bandwagon! ;)

Happy Pre-Monday everyone!

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Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

That afghan is so gorgeous! I am watching to see it get bigger as you go. Yes I did know your little math quiz. My husband on the other hand, we won't even discuss it. Math was never his strong subject. That sure is a lot of snow. I hope it goes away in time to get your garden going. I love watching all your garden hauls.