Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow - more of it; what else is new? ;)

As predicted, the snow storm hit.  I haven't watched any news to know our official amounts, but... obviously----A LOT.  LOL.
Definitely enough to cancel school today and most government offices in our area.
Sadly, Paul had to the work the nightshift --- and he's currently on the road on his way home right now.  Typically, it's a 50 minute drive (8AM arrival home) ---- I don't expect him before 8:30, if even then.

I packed my school work when leaving school yesterday (oh yeah...we were sent home early yesterday due to the incoming storm), but I have no intention of doing school work today.  Instead, laundry is on the schedule.  And probably some crochet -- MAYBE some quilting.

Happy Friday


Deb A said...

Hope Paul arrived home safely and everyone is snuggled in enjoying family time.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

That's quite a snowdrift. I don't think you have room for any more snow!! :) Hope you're all home, safe & cozy together.