Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Beige/Grey/Pink afghan progress [crochet]

At various times throughout the week, I have been working on the Beige/Grey/Pink afghan.  Each row takes 10-12 minutes, so I'm estimating that about 17 hours have been put into this already.  Monday night while in the bleachers, a few rows were completed.  Thursday afternoon while at the dentist office waiting for the girls, a few more rows were completed.  (ALL good news from the dentist, too).
Today, I added another 30 rows -- (18 of those rows were completed since the picture was taken this morning).  
I fear I will run out of the beige before being able to completing another pattern cycle;  therefore, while shopping for shoes this afternoon for Cassie, I peered into the yarn section of Shopko, but they no longer have the Beige color on the shelf for Vanna's Choice yarn. :(
I guess I just keep going and see how far I get.  I want the pattern to be horizontal, not vertical.... I guess I don't know how to do anything small, because I REALLY thought my initial chaining row was plenty "small" to make for a reasonable lapghan.  **shrug**  LOL
I would love to finish this afghan so I can deliver it to a very special lady who recently was diagnosed with Breast cancer and has been undergoing treatments for a few weeks.   


Jane said...

There is a pattern called. The crocheter's finger savers wrap on Pinterest. You crochet a little wrap that fits around your index finger and crochet a little section to put the yarn thru . It is neat idea! Thought you might want to check it out

Andee said...

It looks great and will make the gal feel loved and warm! :)

Amanda said...

At the rate you're going you'll be able to deliver the afghan very soon. Are they cosier to wrap up in than a quilt?