Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday morning neighbors!

setting the stage...
My mom arrived Thursday evening with plans to spend the entire weekend with me and the girls (Paul is working, afterall).
She parked in the side driveway "parking spot" that is out of the way of the rest of the driveway.
Three additional inches of snow fall on Saturday, adding to the already record-breaking amount.
Sunday morning arrives, and Gma wants to go shopping with the girls...

9:30 AM -- Departure
9:35 AM -- Amy (while sitting and crocheting in the glider rocker) hears the engine STILL revving.  
9:36 AM -- Amy peeks out the window to find Cassie pushing the front of Gma's car....

9:40 AM -- Amy gets dressed to head outside to assess the scene.
9:45 AM -- Amy searches over Paul's headboard area for the John Deere key
9:48 AM -- Amy texts Paul...."Where is the tractor key?  Mom's car is stuck."
9:51 AM -- Amy finds key....
9:56 AM -- Amy puts tractor in gear.....
10:05 AM -- Cassie drives tractor back to the tractor parking spot after Amy gives up trying to pull Gma's car out of the snow.  Our lil' tractor ended up spinning wheels TOO!!!!
10:10 AM -- Amy calls neighbor to see if the big "real" Deere could come to the rescue  

10:15 AM -- neighbor Jerry arrives

10:16 AM -- car safely pulled to the driveway, followed by neighbor Jerry saying...."I thought you said it was stuck."  
LOL.  Smarty pants!

10:20 AM -- Amy unhooks the tow rope

10:30 AM -- Gma climbs back into the car with grandchildren Cassie and Candace and continues on her merry way to shopping.

And now... I am thinking of hitting the sewing room!

Happy Sunday


barbara woods said...

we can do it all!!!!

Kevin the Quilter said...

WOW! Not one minute was allocated to using the restroom or a coffee break?????? LOL Glad grandmama and the girls got to go shopping! Have fun sewing!

Alycia said...

Wonder woman!!!

scraphappy said...

Oh my. Sounds like quite a lot of work for a shopping trip. I think I'd be tempted to wait for the spring thaw.